Primakov: Former Soviet KGB general as US national security

One of the many alarming items not covered – but ‘covered-up’ – by the mainstream media, is the fact that former Soviet secret service KGB generals Yevgeny Primakov and Oleg Kalugin, as commentator at FOX ‘News’, as well as Markus Wolfe, the former head of the feared Secret East German State Police (Stasi) apparently work for the US’s ‘New World Order’ as security specialists.*

What kind of work – overtly sometimes – those ‘Homeland Security’ secret service specialists do for the present malicious government of the United States – with it’s own global spy and terror networks* – was shown last year, when United Nations Secretary General – Kofi Annan – convened a group of ‘high ranking experts’, to assess threats to international peace and security, and the proliferation of nuclear weapons.

As a foreign correspondent based in Scandinavia for many years, the undersigned often ‘covered’ all those fake so called ‘non proliferation talks’ – which were mostly held in the pleasant Finnish capital Helsinki. But in the conference halls the US and USSR politicians with some ‘allies’ and their weird ‘Dr. Strangeloves’* and ‘advisers’, never spoke about getting rid of nuclear weapons.

MAD – Mutual Assured Destruction

All those ABM, START and for that matter most nonproliferation conferences, only have been leading to what those weird military power junks and their spaced out ‘Dr. Strangeloves’ themselves baptized: “Mutual Assured Destruction” (MAD). And power mad they all were – and still are – in their quest for world dominance, as is shown daily on the battlefields of the ‘New World Order’.

The overall impression among (sober) foreign observers was, that those Cold War agreements and talks have only been made and held, to agree on a ‘ceiling’ in the arms race. How many ‘Doomsday Weapons’ would the Pentagon and Kremlin allow each others weapon industries to build, and in what kind of weapon systems.

In the UN panel in the US, General Brent Scowcroft, U.S. national security adviser in the George H. W. Bush administration, and former Russian Prime Minister en ex-KGB General Yevgeny Primakov were two of the most prominent members. Preparing the UN report, which was published 2 December 2004.

Concluding ”that the spread of nuclear weapons is in jeopardy”, keeping the nuke fear alive and well.

Limiting the desire and capability of countries to obtain lethal weaponry is essential, but the experts also said the Security Council must be better informed about – and equipped – to respond to suspected treaty violations by deploying inspectors to probe noncompliance allegations. If such charges are found to be true, the Security Council should be prepared to act, including authorizing sanctions and military force.

But, the whole United Nations complex is tapped, bugged, bribed, blackmailed and bullied: the main problem being the US government’s military/political clout, used for instance to rip eight thousand pages out of an 11.000 pages report from Iraq, among others about the never to be found ‘Weapons of Mass Destruction”(WMD’s) Ripped Report – Url.:

All evidence about crimes by the US and it’s ‘allies’ disappeared: nobody – and especially not the other 199 countries in the UN, with the exception of Israel – is supposed to know that Iraq and – at that time ‘US stooge Saddam Hussein’ – for many years have been financed by the NSA, CIA etc. as pet projects of the US in it’s geopolitical ‘Great Game’.

Information concerning more covert activities by those ominous ‘foreign secret service experts’ specialized in the spying on whole nations and controlling people– with careers build and based on real fear, threats, torture, poisoning, jailing and murder – has been given by only a few sources in the United States.

In earlier stories Charlotte Iserbyt*, who served as Senior Policy Advisor during the first Reagan Administration and is a well known ‘whistle blower’, wrote: “The following revelation, obtained from National Liberty Press, is even more interesting than information in the original Martin story, since it reveals the lengths to which the government will go to disguise its controversial activities, thereby “snookering” Al Martin, myself, and others, through the use of disinformation.

However, the truth will out, and the truth, outlined below, is in this case even more shocking than the original information which proved to be untrue.

Former KGB counter-intelligence chief, General Oleg Kalugin*, who is a Fox News commentator, recently stated that Admiral Poindexter’s Office of Information Awareness (OIA) which is involved in spying on United States citizens, had hired both General Yevgeny Primakov and General Aleksandr V. Karpos, former KGB heads, as consultants and advisors. (Primakov in addition served as Russian Prime Minister in the late nineties.)

As Wade Boese of the ‘Arms Control Association’ wrote: “the emphasis on empowering the Security Council is a central theme of the report, “A More Secure World: Our Shared Responsibility,” which also covers the dangers posed by disease, environmental degradation, organized crime, poverty, and terrorism. “

It’s alarming that with this kind of secret service experts, the US ‘Homeland Security’ has the inmates running the jails. The FOXes as owners of the hen house. Those people, who should have been imprisoned, are now in charge. With their careers build and based on controlling populations through real fear, threats, kidnapping, jailing, torture, poisoning and murder.

And as an utter shame with a by Bush proposed Attorney General like Gonzales, legalizing it all. The task is not to find alternatives to the Security Council as a source of authority, but to make the Council work better than it has,” the experts declared.” Work better? With KGB and/or STASI experts?

For what, or for whom?


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