Giant Hole Opens Up In Malmberget, Sweden


On Tuesday morning, March 20th at 6:20am, the ceiling of the “Fabian”-part of the Malmberget iron ore mine in north of Sweden collapsed.

Heightened activity in the mine during recent days is believed to be the cause of the collapse. A small cloud of dust with limited spread westward into the adjacent “Captain”-pit. Water vapor from the warmer air in the cavity produced a white pillar of cloud that appeared on Tuesday morning. The event has not affected the work in the mine and no injuries have been reported. The actual breakthrough or collapse process is said to have been a fairly peaceful event. Vibrations have been felt in the community “Kilen” nearby.

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Thanks to Gustavo Giorgis for sending along the images and photos.

LKAB, the company involved in extraction of iron ore from the site, has taken pictures of the pit “Fabian”. In the pictures you see the that the pit has expanded during the night between Tuesday and Wednesday. The pit now about 150×150 meters (about 500×500 feet).

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