Genetically modified ‘super banana’ to be tested on Americans

A vitamin-enhanced ‘super-banana’ developed by scientists is to be tested on people. The trials are to happen within the US over a six-week interval. Researchers purpose to begin rising the fruit in Uganda by 2020.

The bananas are ‘super’ as a result of they’ve been genetically engineered to have elevated ranges of vitamin A – a deficiency of which may be deadly.

Hundreds of 1000’s die yearly worldwide from vitamin A deficiencies, whereas many others go blind, the mission’s chief instructed AFP.

“The consequences of vitamin A deficiency are dire with 650,000-700,000 children worldwide dying…each year and at least another 300,000 going blind,” Professor James Dale acknowledged.

“Good science can make a massive difference here by enriching staple crops such as Ugandan bananas with pro-vitamin A and providing poor and subsistence-farming populations with nutritionally rewarding food,” Dale stated.

The mission was created by Queensland University of Technology (QUT) in Australia and supported by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

“We know our science will work,” Dale stated. “We made all the constructs, the genes that went into bananas, and put them into bananas here at QUT.”

Dale added that the genetically modified banana flesh is extra orange than a typical banana, however in any other case appears the identical.

The highland or East African cooking banana is a dietary staple in East Africa, in accordance to the researchers. However, it has low ranges of micronutrients, notably vitamin A and iron.

If the mission is given the go-ahead for Uganda after the US trials, micronutrient enriched/modified crops might additionally be given the inexperienced mild for Rwanda, Kenya, and Tanzania.

“In West Africa farmers grow plantain bananas and the same technology could easily be transferred to that variety as well,” Dale acknowledged.

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