Gerber Poisons Babies With Genetically Modified Ingredients

Moms and dads who feed their newborn and young infants any of Nestle Gerber’s solution lines are risking their infant’s health by exposure to an abundance of poisonous genetically modified (GM) substances that the company claims are “safe.”

N. Longo contacted Nestle about their GM ingredients and the representative told her that the GM substances have been protected and that the FDA in the U.S. and Health Canada had both authorized the ingredients in infant formulas for cereal based infant foods. The GM ingredients include:

Soy, corn, potatoes, canola oil, soy lecithin, plant proteins, maltodetrin, corn sugars(dextrose, fructose, dextri-maltose, etc.), and corn syrup

The representative stated that she could “switch to the gerber natural merchandise lines if GM substances are a problem.” She also stated that the organic lines were “somewhat a lot more high-priced and geared towards a different demographic” which She found to be a very odd statement to make to a consumer (which is what she represented myself as). Since that conversation she regret not asking “what demographic would that be?”

None of their products require GM labeling, so most people have no clue about the toxic GM substances unless of course they’re informed on the subject.

If we consider a closer look at the product lines, you may find GM substances in almost every single infant cereal and method they supply.

NESTLE Infant Formulas From Birth

A disturbing statement made on the “Very good Start off Probiotic” page is that the product is “our closest method to breast milk.” What an insult to breast milk. These products also have partially hydrolyzed diminished minerals whey protein focus (from standard cow’s milk) which has definitely no nutritional worth for a expanding infant.

NESTLE Infant Formulas: Infants 6 months +

Her assistance is to remain away from something Nestle or Gerber–even their organics. Just like Kellogg and Kashi, their key motive is revenue and they will always promote out the health of your young children to their shareholders. There are merely as well numerous troubles with this company with questionable substances in virtually each solution they sell. The organic item line should not be trusted. If they are prepared to poison youngsters with GM components in there traditional line, they definitely will not have the great conscience to completely overhaul their business methods in their natural line. Feel about that.

N. Longo has a master’s degree in nutrition and is a licensed fitness and nutritional counselor. She has consulted on public health policy and procurement in Canada, Australia, Spain, Ireland, England and Germany.


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