GA State bill would outlaw Confederate displays on public property

New legislation in Georgia would outlaw any symbols, monuments, memorials or other dedications to the Confederacy on public property.

Under HB 175, the only exception to the ban would be at museums, Civil War battlefields, 11Alive reported.

Even flying a Confederate battle flag on private property might be outlawed.

The bill would also make it illegal to display symbols of the Confederacy at a residence, store, place of business, public building or school. That law includes inside or outside those buildings.

A Georgia resident told 11Alive that she doesn’t agree with the proposal because it would take away from the education of the country’s history.

“It was there at a time, and it was built for a time, but don’t tear it down. Let’s grow from it,” April Lovingood said. “You’re erasing a part of history I think our kids need to know about.”

The bill is still in the early stages of legislation.