Genetic sequencing of vaccine finds entire male human genome from aborted baby

Vaccines are routinely formulated with aborted human fetal cells generally called MRC-5 and WI-38. The CDC openly lists some of the vaccines that use these “human diploid” cells, along with Twinrix (Hep A / Hep B), ProQuad (MMRV) and Varivax (Varicella / rooster pox). FDA-published vaccine insert sheets just like this one for Varivax moreover overtly admit to the use of aborted human fetal cell traces just like MRC-5:

The product moreover includes residual components of MRC-5 cells along with DNA and protein and trace parts of neomycin and bovine calf serum from MRC-5 custom media.

Even this GlaxoSmithKline vaccine insert sheet overtly discusses the use of aborted human fetal cells in its Priorix-Tetra vaccine (MMRV):

Each virus stress is individually produced in each chick embryo cells (mumps and measles) or MRC5 human diploid cells (rubella and varicella).

Yet, amazingly, just about no member of most of the people is acutely aware that aborted human fetal cells are routinely utilized in vaccines. The lying fake info media insists such focus on is a “conspiracy theory,” even as a result of the CDC, FDA and vaccine producers overtly declare the ingredient is being utilized in fairly a number of vaccines. (See for daily safety of breaking info on vaccines.)

Now, a laboratory in Italy has carried out a complete genome sequencing of this MRC-5 cell line that’s deliberately inserted right into a quantity of vaccines. What they’ve current in previous gorgeous… it’s horrifying. As explained by Children’s Health Defense:

The Corvelva group summarized their findings as follows:

1- The fetal cell line was found to belong to a male fetus.

2- The cell line presents itself in such a implies that it is probably to be very earlier, thus according to the declared line of the 1960s.

3- The fetal human DNA represented on this vaccine is an entire explicit individual genome, that is, the genomic DNA of all of the chromosomes of an explicit individual is present inside the vaccine.

4- The human genomic DNA contained on this vaccine is clearly, undoubtedly irregular, presenting very important inconsistencies with a typical human genome, that is, with that of a healthful explicit individual.

5- 560 genes acknowledged to be associated to varieties of most cancers had been examined and all underwent foremost modifications.

6- There are variations whose penalties aren’t even acknowledged, not however displaying inside the literature, nonetheless which nonetheless impact genes involved inside the induction of human most cancers.

7- What will be clearly irregular is the genome additional displaying modifications inside the amount of copies and structural variants.

What’s clear from this genetic sequencing is that the vaccine enterprise is inoculating kids with engineered most cancers. As CHD explains, the vaccines are deliberately formulated with cancer-causing genes which have been significantly modified to promote most cancers tumors:

[I[nside the vaccines which have been administered for a few years is the presence of a progressively additional genetically modified DNA and uncontrolled parts has been allowed…

…[T]he DNA contained in these vaccines is doubtlessly TUMORIGENIC and that the foundations to which the supervisory our our bodies are fascinating are NOT ADEQUATE. Moreover, we’re publicly denouncing a SERIOUS OMISSION in taking these PRECAUTIONAL measures which, nonetheless, are urgently requested for antacid medication.

Not solely is that this cancer-ridden genetic code inserted into all these vaccines given to kids, nonetheless the dose of the cancer-infected DNA is dangerously extreme. As CHD explains:

…[T]he contaminant fetal DNA present in all samples analyzed in numerous parts (thus uncontrolled) is as a lot as 300 situations bigger than the limit imposed by the EMA for carcinogenic DNA (10 ng/dose, similar to DNA contained in roughly 1000 tumor cells, derived from a statistical calculation, whereas the precautionary limit is 10 pg/dose), a limit that ought to even be utilized to MRC-5 fetal DNA which inevitably contaminates Priorix tetra.

The genome sequencing moreover found that a complete lot of genes linked to most cancers tumors have been modified. As outlined by the analysis authors:

…[I]mportant modifications of genes acknowledged to be associated to diversified tumor varieties have been acknowledged, for all of the 560 verified genes; furthermore, there are variants whose penalties aren’t acknowledged, nonetheless which, nonetheless, impacts genes involved inside the induction of human most cancers.

This signifies that the MRC-5 aborted human fetal cells appear to have been deliberately modified to make them additional tumorigenic… i.e. additional extra prone to set off most cancers tumors in human recipients of the vaccine injections.

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