Lots of Military Trucks In America!?

Well today I got a interesting picture tweeted to me from @ihatematt he is always a great source of information.. Follow him if you haven’t already.. But anyway here is the photo that he took today in Poughkeepsie, NY. .

Now after doing some searching on Wikipedia about Poughkeepsie.. I found out that two main roads travel through here, State Route 44 and State Route 55.. The town also became New York’s second capital after the American Revolution.. That is just some background information about the town, but these military trucks are on the move.. I have done a lot of digging on social sites and various search engines.. The Statuses Below are of People Who Seen These Army Trucks in the last week or so!

@aaR4 – Maybe Arizona?

Now passing convoy of military H1s

@MACK_aroni – Ambler, PA

I just saw like 50 army oil trucks on the highway ….they were like in a row. ….. They’re up to no good man lol

@Josh Blackstock – Unknown Location

Has anyone in kingston noticed a lot of tanks and other army vehicles driving around. I really hope its not war

@Jared Powers – Cleveland,Tennessee

Just saw 10 military police hummers roll through town.

@Tabby Braswell – Mississippi on hwy 45

Third convoy of military hummers. Where are they going?

@Heather Sondrini – Massachusetts- Highway 495

Just passed a bunch of military trucks and the guys had their helmets on everything. Strange!

@lianna gigliello – Unknown Location

so many military trucks on the highway

@Nicole – Unknown Location

There’s a bunch of military trucks on the highway and written all over them are “were coming home”

@Michelle Nedzesky – Bethel Park, PA

A line of big rigs and a line of military trucks separately driving on the highway. #sketchy #govconspiracy

@Canary Organization – Unknown Location

8 military trucks filled with reservists rolling by us on the highway! #newworldorder

@Chung – Unknown Location

Whoaa , tons of military / army trucks

@dylan aceves – Unknown Location

Dude i saw a fuckin tank nd a shitload of military hummers

UPDATE: @Joshua N. Perek – Canada

Canadian military transport trucks roll over on highway 400

Another UPDATE: @ihatematt tweeted me another image of Military Police Hummers on the highway in Hartford, PA.. (July 9th) Here is the image:

UPDATE: Now I was looking on Abovetopsecret and I found a post by Christian Voice.. Now this is what the user posted:

I live right outside of Henderson TN, and Monday morning I went to town to run some errands. Within a 1 mile stretch going through town I saw 5 black unmarked SUVs with government tags. I drove through town and up to Jackson. That is roughly 10 miles from Henderson. Between Henderson and Jackson I saw 10 State Trooper cars, 1 K9 unit car, and 3 Chester County Sherrif cars. Same on the way back. When I got back to town I heard helicopters so I stopped and looked for them. There were 2 Black military helicopters flying so low that I could read numbers on them and they were fully armed with rockets. I stopped at a gas station in town and a Army National Guard Captain was there and I asked him what was going on. He said FEMA was doing earthquake disaster drills all along the New Madrid fault this week. I asked if he thought it was odd to do a disaster drill with full armament. He said he thought it was odd.

Yesterday I drove to Memphis and went through Millington on the way. There is a REX 84 camp in Millington and it has full armed guards there now and appears to be fully functional. When I got home I saw three of the helicopters over our house flying low. Reason for my post today is that the helicopters and black SUVs are still here this morning. An agent stepped out of one of the SUVs this morning and had his gun on his side as well as what looked like an M16 type rifle.

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June 17th, 12:30pm PST: We drove out west of town this morning looking for any signs and found none. We and a few others living here have seen drone activity in recent days also. I just want to reiterate that there were 10 vans each holding 12 troops per van for a total of 120 troops approximately. My witness also said they were in camo fatigues. This is a small town and 120 troops would be more than enough to close the main arteries to this city in a heartbeat. I also know a gentleman who lives in Oklahoma City who has told me there has been a lot of black helicopter movement and that they actually saw a large one hovering close to their construction site some months ago.

We saw this same damn thing yesterday Friday June 17th at around 3:30 pm at the Walmart in Franklin, IN. Military personnel, fatigue uniforms, white vans. They were loading up food/water in those vans. We didn’t think much of it then BUT NOW I am reading this on the Intel Hub. Now my suspicions are up.

June 15, 2011 from Arkansas City, Kansas: “My daughter was out running errands this evening around nine pm and went to a gas station. She noticed ten 12 passenger vans colored white with government plates. They were traveling with 5 large U-Haul and Penske moving vans With around 120 troops per van. She decided to follow them westward out of town into a wooded area approximately 5 miles outside of town. The U-Haul Vans had Missouri plates on them.”

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Now this is pretty strange.. I decided to see if any new videos were uploaded to YouTube and I found this one: I don’t understand why they are putting ‘police’ lights on Hummers.. Getting ready for a military invasion of the United States and they will act as the police? (Martial Law)

Below is another recent video that I found on YouTube and the title is: Army Convoy off to Joplin?

UPDATE: Found More Videos

Truckers Report Moving Military Equipment Across U.S, FEMA Involved:

Military Convoy on I-405:

Massive Over-sized load :

It was military was that there were 4 helicopters flying low going the same way and 2 A-10 Warthogs flying low & slow. This truck came off of Interstate 74 East turning left onto State Road 9 North. The video was taken on Friday, June 17th, 2011 around 11:45 am, Shelbyville Indiana. The company hauling was Diamond Heavy Haulers.

Biggest Military Drill Ever on the U.S. East Coast – CNN News (Tweeted by @EZKPatriots)

It’s mid-June, a perfect time to visit the beach to watch porpoises play in the surf or seagulls strut the sand — or you could watch a formation of Marine Corps warplanes darting over the shore at hundreds of miles per hour.

But don’t worry — the United States hasn’t declared war on your family’s beach house. It’s just part of a major Marine Corps exercise called Exercise Mailed Fist (translation: armored fist).

The exercise is designed to test the capability of every type of Marine Corps aircraft, including MV-22 Ospreys and F/A 18 Hornets, as well as some Navy ships and Air Force planes.

The drill will stretch from Quantico Marine Base in northern Virginia to the Navy’s Pinecastle Bombing Range in Florida.

With thousands of Marines and other service members involved, it’s the biggest such drill ever on the U.S. East Coast.

“Exercise Mailed Fist is the first exercise of its specific kind and the largest 2nd Marine Aircraft Wing exercise conducted in recent history,” said Staff Sgt. Roman J. Yurek, Marine Corps spokesman. “In the past, 2nd Marine Aircraft Wing units had to deploy to the West Coast to conduct this type of training.”

Mailed Fist was not originally supposed to be one big exercise. But the 2nd Marine Aircraft Wing’s commander, Maj. Gen. Jon Davis, decided to combine several smaller drills into one big exercise. Not only do the Marines train closer to home, the Pentagon saves money.

Most of the exercises will take place in the skies above or near Marine bases along the North and South Carolina coast.

We know that there is something going on across the United States.. We are not sure if they are planning to invade the United States or another country; Starting World War 3.. Above I included some recent videos, statuses and news articles from the mainstream media.. I hope it’s not martial law! I seen a huge convoy on February 13 heading towards NYC, and lately I have been hearing a lot of helicopter activity/ low flying planes..

But this story is still developing so ill be adding more information as it becomes available.. If you have any pictures or information you would like to send me please email me at tips@usahitman.com or send me a tweet at @usahitman_com