Highlights of the Canada-U.S. Border Action Plan

By The Canadian Press

— Joint, integrated assessments about security threats and improved intelligence sharing, including common privacy principles.

— More comprehensive advance screening of travellers from third countries heading to North America.

— Exchange of entry information of all persons at the Canada-U.S. border, to serve as a record of exit from the other country.

— Co-ordinated research, prevention relating to violent extremism.

— Pilot projects for land-based joint security teams, creation of additional marine-based teams.

— Harmonized approach to screening cargo arriving from offshore.

— New explosive detection machines for Canadian airports by March 2015 to make U.S. flight connections easier.

— Joint assessments and audits for plant, animal and food safety systems in third countries.

— Common framework for trusted trader programs.

— Enchancement of Nexus trusted traveller program.

— More pre-inspection and pre-clearance for land, rail, marine traffic.

— Single electronic window for shippers to reduce paperwork.

— Co-ordinated border crossing infrastructure upgrades.

— Jointly published wait time service levels at key crossings.

— Closer co-operation on cybersecurity and health security threats.

— Harmonized names for cuts of meat and poultry.

— Alignment of auto industry manufacturing standards.

— Executive steering committee to oversee implementation of action plan.