Hillary Clinton: Syria protesters = freedom struggle, but American protesters = terrorists

Sourced by OzHouse.org


US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton demanded UN action to stop spiralling violence in Syria as she prepared to join other top diplomats in pressing a reluctant Russia.

As a Syrian government offensive was blamed for the deaths of dozens more civilians, Ms Clinton said she would join the foreign ministers of France and Britain and the Arab League chief at the United Nations tomorrow.

”The United States condemns in the strongest possible terms the escalation of the Syrian regime’s violent and brutal attacks on its own people,” Ms Clinton said in a statement.

”The Security Council must act and make clear to the Syrian regime that the world community views its actions as a threat to peace and security. The violence must end, so that a new period of democratic transition can begin,” she said.

Ms Clinton said that the Security Council session aimed to send a clear message from the international community to the Syrian people: ”We stand with you.”

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