Haunting picture predicted 9/11 thirteen years before the attack

The nightmare of the Twin Towers is captured in a haunting image — made by a Brit 13 years Before 9/11. The chalk drawing of passenger jets, skyscrapers, flames and a scared youngster emerged yesterday ahead of tomorrow’s solemn tenth anniversary of the terror attacks.

Amateur artist Willie Gardner’s work from 1988 hung in a back office at an obscure Scottish community centre as the hellish events of September 11, 2001, unfolded.

Last night Willie’s daughter Aileen, 53, stated: “It sends a shiver down people’s spines. My father never showed any psychic qualities when he was alive but it is like he predicted the future.”

She confessed: “It’s chilling that what he drew 13 years earlier went on to become such horrible reality.”

The picture — now promoted to the foyer of Grangemouth’s Community Education Unit in Stirlingshire — has sparked a equivalent sensation to that of another popular “premonition” image.

That one — a Pakistan Airlines ad from 1979 — showed the shadow of an airliner hanging over the doomed New Yorklandmark. Willie’s incorporates two planes.

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