Huge rise in catalytic converter thefts in the UK

There has been an enormous rise in catalytic converters being stolen from automobiles in 2019, police in London say.

For the first six months of 2019, the variety of thefts of catalytic converters jumped to 2,894, in comparison with 1,674 thefts for all of 2018.

In a automobile’s exhaust system, catalytic converters filter pollution and switch them into much less dangerous substances.

In a video seen by the BBC, a legal gang stole a catalytic converter in underneath three minutes in broad daylight.

The costs of sure treasured metals have skyrocketed in the final 18 months – palladium is now price £1,300/oz, whereas rhodium goes for £4,000/oz, based on FJ Church and Sons, a specialist metals service provider that can also be the UK’s largest specialist in recycling catalytic converters.

The police urged automobile house owners “to be vigilant” and take into account taking security measures to guard their automobiles.

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