The Human Soul Is More Than An Electrical Impulse

I recently read that a Professor Johnjoe McFadden, of the School of Biomedical and Life Sciences at the University of Surrey, in the UK, is looking for an electronic explanation for the conscious mind. McFadden entertains a theory that our thoughts are electromagnetic fields that radiate into space around us like radio or television signals.

In a sense, I think the professor is quite right about our ability to transmit messages via human energy fields, but there seems to be something more to it than mere electrical waves. Consciousness is what makes us ‘human,'” McFadden said. Language, creativity, emotions, spirituality, logical deduction, mental arithmetic, our sense of fairness, truth, ethics, are all inconceivable without consciousness.

McFadden and Neurobiologist Sue Pockett, in New Zealand, have joined forces in a theory that tries to simplify everything. They suggest that the brain’s electromagnetic field is consciousness. Nothing more than that.

Their theory is that the brain’s electromagnetic field is not just an information sink, but it can influence our actions, pushing some neurons towards firing and others away from firing. This influence, McFadden proposes, is the physical manifestation of our conscious will.

The conscious electromagnetic information field is, at present, still a theory. But if true, there are many fascinating implications for the concept of free will, the nature of creativity or spirituality, consciousness in animals and even the significance of life and death,” McFadden said.

“The theory explains why conscious actions feel so different from unconscious ones ­- it is because they plug into the vast pool of information held in the brain’s electromagnetic field, he said.

This is pretty heady stuff from a couple of college professors. It is obvious they are trying to disprove the existence of a soul, or life after death. Once the brain they describe shuts down in death, all those neurons quit firing, the electrical signals shut down, and the conscious person existing inside that body ceases to be.

For them the future is just inky blackness. That may be all right for Professor McFadden and Ms. Pockett, but anyone who has been dead and then brought back to life, or those of us who have learned how to leave our bodies at will, cannot accept this idea.

The universe is teeming with life. It is everywhere, both in our heavy three-dimensional universe, and in parallel dimensions. We appear to live with the spirits of the dead, who walk among us. We are surrounded by fourth dimensional spirits, entities we call angels and demons, that manipulate our thoughts and fight among themselves over our future.

Some of us are very ancient souls, who have been in and out of this world many times, and in many different forms over a time span of thousands of years. Others among us are younger souls, with only a few memories of past existences. Still others are but children, making their first journey through this dark place.

Then there are bodies walking around this world that have no souls. They are possessed beings, occupied by angels, demons or perhaps other life forms using the spare body to experience some of the sensations of touch, taste, and even pain that only we on this planet can have. Once you go into the parallel worlds, you must even speak telepathically because there is no sound.

This is the only place where words written down on a page can relay messages from one person to another. It is the only place where numbers are part the language.

The soul, Professor McFadden, is not just an electrical impulse or a radio wave that allows us to telecommunicate with one another, or tap into the collective consciousness. Although our brains, indeed, use energy fields to accomplish all of this.

The soul is a special energy force. It is a light. It is a piece of the great force we refer to as God. It is connected to our bodies by the spirit, which is the conscious memory of who we are. I was once told that the spirit is the glue that connects our soul with the body. With thousands upon thousands of human spirits all sending out energy fields, we generate the great mental library known as the collective consciousness. Every thought is stored there.

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