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How To Use The Powerful Secret Brain

Isis Resurrects Osiris 14 Missing Pieces Aligned

 Mastering The Secret Brain Part 3

From Part 2 of Mastering The Secret Brain:   Considering where you want to place yourself to be is important in life. Energy cannot be created nor destroyed. Therefore when this life medium transfers suggests importance of overriding  passion. Passion is a fire which motivates or enslaves.


Overcoming The Second Womb

Attack On The Limbic System Part 3:

 Excess activity has slowed us down. A holy garment embracing us. Excess as impediment has halted human cognitive evolution.  Human organic sentient connected. Interfuse to overall lavish blueprint. Not stenciled as a marred mark on the forehead. Breathed origin outside of origin by Ein Sof. Nature facilitated yet outside of the domain of human will. Universal Word outside of political agendas. Self created Mythos relating to fall from grace. Inquisitive protection of life?  Unborn creation threatened as sheathing filters. Creation bound non communication between human and source current evolution.

Birthing soul evacuating womb to higher domains of impersonal contemplation as parent. Chrysallis larva, seed sprouts, dung produces beetle, butterfly steps out of encasement incalescere by midnight sun. Voice with new meaning and comprehension.

Currently communication source transmittal DNA / RNA human inception blocked. Inability to reap benefit knowing divine destiny as species. The organic ALL removed from joint cultural, religious, spiritual and social progressions as life-form. Lucifer and you cooperatively have burned the road map! End of Story. A new story is required to hook back up to source and shuck the second womb. The garment and source are not dissimilar and hide nothing. Removing the womb garment is living through.

Unless each eats humble pie and accepts notion of wrong turn made for whatever reason. Thereby altering perceptive error at present. Revolution generation creation will ultimately destroy us. Treading wheel of 84 lakhs as inability to keep up with speed at which we create gross technology. Information systems intelligence by over active imaginations (out creation by karma). Creating societies and inhabit members unable to align source and human organic process as out creation around them. Becomings of technological tyrants.ṃsāra

Natural organic order as human world made by all of us as free agents is at a crossroads. Atomic manipulative explosions tearing reality as begging to be dominated by a tyranny of Light.  Lucifer stepping through the crack between worlds to create a pit for worshippers. This is not a dualistic light against dark notion. The holy see (sea) blind as blind can be. Removing sun glasses a far more rational course of action.Threatened by severing ties with divine reality outside of spiritual indoctrination. History as human life etched biologically. Record journey as life form accomplishing nothing. A preceptive need to not loose spiritual overview perceptive.

Each part of human brain are unique maps that guide. Segments record historical periods of human development. Evolution calling need and use of various functions at specific evolutionary times.

Yet as revealing as such a library of human anatomy directed by brain and heart are by cell activity, DNA-RNA, morphic – morphogenetic fields. Creation as “New Brain” has actually silenced direction rendered to us from older “Primitive” divine brain. Overview Cognition severed by perceptive perversions instigated at key periods in philosophical history. Brain anatomy perversion of limbic system.




Hippocampus:  formation of long-term memories and implicated in maintenance of cognitive maps for navigation. New memory implants which navigate new courses of behavior beyond the knowledge of recipient. One day the victim wakes up and acts differently. This is a rarely looked at explanation of the supposed phenomena of Walk Ins. Warfare used to control subjects at a distance by electronics.There are genuine walk in cases but these are very rare. Crib deaths and death of babies at birth usually occur from forced entry by an outside entity. Swami Rama in his book Living with the Himalayan Masters discusses the real phenomena of walk ins.

Wilson, Kevin. The Primitive Brain Unlocking The Hero Within.KausePointPublishers.2011,1999.

 Limbic Lobe

 1). AmygdalaFEAR CENTER used for brain washing cutting edge broadcasting technologies used for warfare. This is the main center for assault. Use of sophisticated electronics by new technologies for warfare. Signals cortex by motivational significant stimuli. Stimuli related to reward and fear. Courting functions and offspring intercourse activities.

2). Fornix: Communicates signals from hippocampus to mammillary bodies and septal nuclei. Nerve signal pulse amplitude is prey to variations away from stationary physiology.

 3). Mammillary body:  Recognition memory; formation of memory and new memories not within the history of the subject. Remembrance removal of old memories replaced by new memories.

 4)Septal nuclei: Located anterior to inter ventricular septum. The septal nuclei receive reciprocal connections from the olfactory bulb, hippocampus, amygdala, hypothalamus, midbrain, habenula, cingulate gyrus, and thalamus. Pleasure and wellbeing is stimulated in this region beyond reason and fear. Efferent nerve signals can send spastic signals to muscles creating lack of coordination and muscular control. Theta waves via medial septal nucleus can  be disrupted here. Switching a persons theta waves off severing source connection. Necessity to get out of physicality.

A). Parahippocampal Gyrus:  Formation of spatial memory and erasure. The use of  proxemics against a person is rarely looked at phenomena. Crowding or giving a person space as taking personal space or giving it as expansive.  A new age adage voiced by many fossilized hippies who made the concept popular during the 1960s. Effectively that person can be placed under control. Manipulated against their will.

For instance if you push in on someone making a critical decision. By pushy loud dialogue in which they cannot concentrate. The decision they make will be far different if they had no distraction by the space reducing intrusion. Space is perceived differently all over the world in many cultures. What is considered no intrusion in the Arab world for instance in which the spit and breath is required to illicit confidence in your listener is perceived as aggressive and symptomatology of a dubious character in North America.

However even today there is rarely any fluent research of what happens in the head when a subject feels pressure on the inside. Fear, angst, surprise, confusion, disassociation, disorientation all cause crowding in on cognitive perceptual function as level headed atrophy.

Future Shock writer Alvin Toffler in the 1970s discussed alienation caused by exponential human perception crowded in upon perception. I have studied and compiled data on displaced cultural groups alienated by their displacement to other regions and cultures. Showing disorientation and change in perceptual values caused by displacement. A pressure with extreme ramifications to sense of personal self and safety.

Victor Frankl as a psychiatrist wrote extensively about space erosion in a concentration camp environment having effect on emotional and cognitive perception. Yes vast majority of people just conceptualize perception happening in the brain and mind not throughout human physiology as an emotional perceptive cognition in pit of stomach and through muscle memory.

Look, in the end right now technology is developed and being designed that will make your head feel like it is in a vice grip. If you cannot understand that think of when you have had a migraine then multiple  that 100 times. What is it like to have a migraine and attempt to make any important decision? Forget about water boarding and other water sports. Your children can do slip and slide on a water board and not feel as bad as the new stuff guarded by state secrets.  No this IS NOT a conspiracy theory. Contact your government representatives who are obligated by law to give you this information.’s%20Search%20For%20Meaning%20(psychology,%20psychotherapy,%20philosophy)-o.pdf

B). Cingulate Gyrus:  Autonomic function regulation of heart rate,blood pressure. Cognitive attention processing. Imagine minding your own business then going to a public demonstration and suddenly feeling sick with symptomatology of increased heart rate, high blood pressure, being confused and spaced out.

 C). Dentate Gyrus: Contributor of new memories. Imagine one morning waking up with new memories. Memories motivating you to do what you would not normally do. Such as walking up to a subject and assaulting them. Forced to Engage in all modes of actions out of character at the flip of a switch.-

D). Entorhinal Cortex: EC – Hippocampus system controls autobiographical, declarative, episodic memories. Particularized are spatial memories. Memories including formation,  consolidation. Finally memory optimization in sleep. Basically critical memory  associative components.

IF you have Alzheimer’s symptoms yet testing has shown to the negative you may consider some form of electronic geopathic stress phenomena. If you are walking around town and all of the sudden you cannot seem to put your right foot in front of your left becoming abnormally disoriented consider the following. Look up in space and in front of you. Are you close by a power station or relay? That satellite you will not see though. The chemical trails you might. Electronics and chemicals work in collusion as a team now so up date your knowledge on chemical engineering and chem trails. Try to not switch on your cell phone for awhile.

 E). Piriform Cortex: The Olfactory system is more of a cognitive process then sense of smell. Smell responding by electronic signals sent through the air and striking the piriform cortex. Smell is translated in the brain to cognition and feeling. Neurology exhibiting response throughout the nervous system motivating bodily movement and thought process. Forget about the lusty hippie aroma therapist wenches greasing you up with essential oils and titillating you. That is old, old,  school and bygone days. Scent is carried through the air now without you even smelling it. Yet your emotions and brain will respond to corresponding signal.

F). Fornicate Gyrus: Horseshoe shaped section of the cerebral cortex encompassing Cingulate, Hippocampus, and Para Hippocampal Gyrus.  Emotion formation and processing, learning, and memory. Executive function in respiratory control.  Important roles in consolidation of information from short-term to long-term memory. Controls spatial navigation. Major region in role of memory encoding and retrieval. As a unity these areas disrupted is open season carte blanche to a multitude of variants all of which create total disorientation.

G). Nucleus Accumbens: Cognitive function in reward, pleasure, addiction. Nucleus Accumbens Septi conglomerate of neurons forming main part of Ventral Striatum. Stimulation in reward, pleasure, laughter, addiction, aggression, fear, and the placebo phenomena. Tweeking this area creates a roller coaster ride of depression and mania known as Bipolar Disorder. Addiction can be created as pathological action behaviors.  Carried out By stimulation of this area. Creating a conditioned response to any common mundane cue.

 H). Orbitofrontal Cortex: Cognitive processing making decision as acute discrimination. Creating confusion and faulty decisions can be had by shutting this region down.



New brain use is concerned with reason and rational thought, language, will and action, analysis, logic, higher mental functions and are located in forebrain, cerebral cortex. Nevertheless use of such is far greater and deeper than traditional psychology and psychiatry has lead us to believe.

Am  I requesting that you all squat down, grunt, mumble, defecate on your selves and fight? No.  I am telling you to shut your thought process and reason off and consider as  some Buddhist sects do that the brain is not what you REALLY cognize with.

There is even more primitive brain functions then limbic system. The most primitive is  Hind Brain / Brain Stem. The stem  lies underneath the limbic system and regulates basic vital life functions such as breathing, heartbeat, and blood pressure.This system is comprised of hindbrain; pons, medulla, midbrain, cerebellum.

 1). Medulla=breathing=heartrate=pulsepoint.

2). Pons=Sound=Consciousness=Sleep=ThetaBrainwaves.

3). Midbrain=rostral part of the brain stem, which includes the Tectum and Tegmentum; vision, hearing, voluntary motor function.

4). Cerebellum {Little Brain tucked underneath the cerebral hemispheres} = fear, pleasure responses, motor control. Damage to this section creates disorders in fine movement, equilibrium, posture, and motor learning.


Hindbrain / Brain Stem = controls automatic and autonomic reactions connected to the fight or flight survival, aggression reactions of our primitive nature and evolution. These segments are more territorial in their function.


The New Mind Parasites

In the mid 1990s a Briton I knew was on top of the world trying to shove ideas down my throat  from the research data of Paul D. MacLean. Gorman had gotten these notions from another acquaintance a psychology graduate from University of California, Berkeley. These two just reveled in MacLeans research like the best thing since the invention of toilet paper. I remained silent as I knew MacLeans work intimately having been required to write numerous papers on his research when qualifying as a psychology doctorate. MacLeans research forms much of the backbone of quantitative data in neurosciences.  Although much of the cognitive framework and variants have been heavily debated and reworked  with attempts to debunk, alter or add to.

However where all of MaLean’s research falls 1000% short is in an solid overview origin observation of how cognition originates and subsequently operates. In an area outside of anatomical neurological operative structures and human consciousness. Data and technology to generate quantitative results were not available during McLeans lifetime.

The majority mob inclusive of Gorman and Faye will confidentially explain how human emotion and cognition takes place based on the archetypal limbic system paradigm established by MacLean. Faye spent a good deal of his time at Berkeley in the wee hours of the morning collecting data on rats running around getting hardons.

You see this is the major problem with the neurosciences today. Many neuroscience doctorates are absolutely smug in their opinions based on old school, out of date research.  Quantitative data activity outside of human consciousness is paramount in understanding the real causes behind human behavior. Research data available  generated now. Implemented as a weapon which focuses presently on thought and mind manipulation carried out from a distance on unsuspecting targets as human victims. I constantly tell people forget about conspiracy theories. What I write about here is a worldwide phenomena falling upon the shoulders of all nationalities for whatever reasons.

The very primitive conditions we would all like to avoid are very repressed aggressions being drawing onto our own children and society at large.  Acting to and trying to re-route cognizance. Forcing individual human neurological configurative routing plumbing to conform.  Flooding human consciousness with terabytes of information in and switching off primitive yet highly aware cognition off. Organic machine mechanized technology info systems dominating all other forms of government sponsored research to universities on the globe today.

Forced cognition dominance snuffing out overview. Primitive yet highly accurate this overview can sum up situations with speed faster then any technology controlled human mechanical reason. Reason routed to conform to agendas set by major players and powers.  Crushing cognition at its simplest  profound viewpoint. Perception over many centuries has been altered changing how we learn. Learning effecting each person and potentially decimating civilization based on lack of reason and insight.



Confronting the human species is confusion brought upon us which is creating mayhem.  Confusion brought on as war within. Loss of self integration as source directed biological and historical creatures rooted and aligned by self regulated purpose. Disconnected perception created by addiction to a reason delusional and excessive.

The point is this form of reasoning has taken our singular perception and turned us all  against human nature. Switched off an ability to solve conflict on a grand scale.That is why I keep emphasizing so adamantly to engage in self empowerment away from the great herd mob consciousness. Developing a sense of self which is individual and unique.


Maintaining an edge by fostering relationship with the unseen. An unseen presence which can be felt and accessed. Providing a map of direction which is infallible. Or, Herd cognition as mental conditioned other directed activity. Other directed In which an alien guidance such as an impulse or conditioned response pushes your decisions against your better judgement.

Infallible direction and herd directed impulse are two different activities in human cognition. One sits quietly and does nothing. Until an ascent fills perception sparking a certainty of action. One becomes perfectly still and quiet as void eases the mind. Then providence fills the void with clear impeccable motion generating movement. With practice spontaneity and action act as a unified intuition. No reflection is necessary.

The alternative is to sit in the organic crown of human neurological head being ravished by storms laden with lack of self confidence. Enslaved self beset by worries generated by subterranean sea monsters and drowned heroes. Heroes who did not make the grail because they believed more in the other directing them as another and not as  liberated self. There is no other. Solving your personal riddle of self enslavement by the hand of another removes the cover of the other. Birthing one out of the second womb.

©2012 Kevin Wilson PsyD PhD