Israel’s Blood Donation Rules

Donate bloodIn Israel not everyone is allowed to donate blood. This is to make screening the blood easier and more productive, as every infected sample goes straight to the bin. So they want to minimize the amount of infected blood that is donated. Therefore they restrict donators who are in high risk groups. Here is a partial list of who is allowed and who is not allowed to donate blood in Israel.

  • Homosexuals are not allowed to donate. 
  • Someone who had unprotected anal sex with 10 women in the past week is allowed
  • Someone who had their nipple pierced in a place approved by the Israeli health board within the past year is not allowed to donate (yours truly). 
  • Someone who is in a cult and exchanges blood with friends is allowed
  • A man who had been given oral sex from another man is not allowed to donate. 
  • A man who has given oral sex to 100 women is allowed
  • Someone who had been in Africa (Oh My!) in the past half a year is not allowed to donate. 
  • Ethiopians were not allowed to donate until they went to the Supreme court
  • People who go to prostitutes and have safe sex are not allowed to donate. 
  • People who go to orgies and have unprotected sex are allowed.

And the list goes on. I was completely pissed off the last time I went to donate (actually the one before last), and was told I couldn’t, because I had been pierced. The fact that the health board approves the place means nothing to them. I was pissed off for a while, and thought I won’t donate. And then I thought, that’s not fair to people who might need my blood. So I lie.

Have I had any part of my body pierced?
Have I engaged in sex with another man?
Have I been to Africa?
Is there anything else I might want to add?