Italian Court Sends Disgraced Berlusconi to Prison

Kurt Nimmo

In November, Silvio Berlusconi bowed out as prime minister after he failed to please the banksters and put together an austerity program for the Italian people.

Mario Monte – former EU commissioner and bankster, top-notch Trilateralist, and Bilderberger – stepped up to take his place as the head of a new “national unity” government. He wasted little time after Berlusconi was out of the way and announced a 30 billion euro ($40.3 billion) package of austerity measures on December 2.

In Italy and Greece thousands of outraged citizens continue to protest austerity. “Deutsche Bank and other German banks loaned huge sums of money to Greece and Italy, knowing for a fact that at least half of the loaned money was being stolen by wealthy personal friends and business partners of government officials, and not caring, because they knew that the ECB would enforce ‘austerity,’ would demand that people who didn’t benefit from those loans, not the wealthy people who did, pay them back by the enforced looting of those countries of every asset,” J. Brad Hicks wrote last year as anti-austerity riots intensified.

Now out of favor and obviously no longer of use to the globalists, the elderly Berlusconi faces four years in prison after a court in Milan convicted him of tax evasion. The conviction arrived shortly after Berlusconi announced he will not run for premier in upcoming elections and thus not present a challenge to Super Mario and the ECB banksters.

Berlusconi also faces charges of paying for sex with an under-age teenager and trying to cover it up.