Imminent Death and Destruction in London – Recent Music Videos

By drbatstein on ATS

Is the music industry playing a huge prank on us or is there something much more sinister going on? Are we being shown what’s to come? Please share your thoughts and ideas, and if you have time examine the videos for other relevant warnings/symbols and post your interpretations.

Here’s – This is Love, in the image below Will is showing us the destruction of London Bridge:

Next we have the recent number one hit of Florence and the Machine – Spectrum: We see Big Ben, a flooded city and an explosion. The lyrics seem to have a relevant story hidden in them, listen carefully and see what you think.

Now finally here’s Kylie Minogue with TimeBomb:

The lyrics say that “time is ticking fast” “we’re out of time”, the video makes it seem like a bomb goes off right at the beginning. Kylie then walks through the streets of London with a CND (Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament) symbol on her back.

Other Interesting Links Which Point To Something Weird Happening In London and even on the opening ceremony last night they mentioned the possibility of an attack:

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