Police Brutality During Hurricane Irene

Recently I had the below article sent to me by a good samaritan. It’s pretty shocking that a police officer would do such a thing, especially to a person who is just trying to protect their own property from more damage. This article is intended to show people that cops are nothing but a burden to the community, just wait till something really bad happens (like an economic collapse). Do you think the police will protect you then? NO! They will be using brutality against anyone who doesn’t respect their authority.. Even Christi, the governor of NJ said he wouldn’t be arresting people for not leaving their homes; I guess that cop didn’t get the message. Enjoy the story below, I’m sure this is only one of many cases that have happened over the past week. If you have a story you would like to send me, please email me at tips@usahitman.com

As you’re all aware of, hurricane Irene has recently moved along the east coast doing a lot of property damage, causing mass flooding, power outages, and pandemonium among people. In a small town of Helmetta in NJ, seeing floods is nothing new to me. So on Sunday morning when the water lever was rising, I was not surprised to see the streets being blocked off by police and other emergency services. Twenty to thirty minutes later, the water was at it’s peak, about three to three and a half feet of water in the road! Water was everywhere in my yard, in my driveway, in my garage, and most of all in my neighbor’s house. His house does not have a basement so therefore his house is closer to the ground making it more susceptible to flood damage.

In all the madness of the flood, the emergency services (who weren’t really doing much of anything) thought it was fun to drive their SUVs and emergency vehicles and going fifteen to twenty miles per hour through the water in front of our houses. Now fifteen to twenty mph is not very fast but in the deep water it was fast enough to make a sufficient wake that would flow into my garage and my neighbor’s house!!! Which caused the water to flow into his living room, dining room, and his kitchen!!!

As soon as I saw the fire chief of Helmetta (Vincent Amabile) driving by, probably about the third or fourth time, I ran out into the road and waved him down so he would stop. After he stopped I said to him “You need to slow down because you’re causing a wake that is going into my garage and into my neighbors house”. After this the fire chief unexpectedly and unprofessionally, snapped at me and told me that I need to calm down and get out of his way and then he proceded to driver faster through the water! Then my neighbor decided it was time to talk to the police to make sure no more vehicles were going to drive down the road. When he got out of the flood waters and over to the police, before he could even open his mouth one police officer told him to “Get the fuck out of here”. Being as this issue needed to be addressed before it happened again, my neighbor calmly said that he needs to talk to fire chief about the issue. Before he could even finish his sentence, the officer behind him grabbed the back of his neck and pushed his face down.

Then the officer in front of him quickly struck his face very hard with his knee bringing him to the ground! While on the ground, my neighbor said “I just wanted to talk to him”. He didn’t go over there raising his voice or threatening anyone. The police said they felt “threatened” but my neighbor does not look or seem like a threatening person; he is a very calm and honest person. How can a person seem threatening when they haven’t even said more then one word? The fact that these police were so quick to put a citizen on the ground so hastily shows how ridiculous and unprofessional they really are! Not like they were doing anything to help anyone else involved with the flood anyway. After my neighbor was put in the cop car and taken to the station, he found out that the fire chief (who I asked to slow down) had told the police that I had run out into the street with a pipe in my hand and was threatening him!!! And I assure you, it was nothing like that at all. The resident was released with two tickets, one being resisting arrest…

After talking to some of my friends on my block, and other residents I had started to hear more stories of the unprofessionalism of the police in my town, one officer said to another “I’m about to start shooting the residents”. Another officer that was talking to a resident had said “I really don’t wanna be here. I wish I was home or out with my friends at the bar drinking. Oh but you didn’t hear me say that. Hahaha!” The next day, the mayor of Helmetta was going around talking to the residents. She was receiving a lot of complaints about the police and about the fire chief. I think someone really needs to do an evaluation of the police and other town workers and decide who the real professionals are. The residents need to know who we are spending our tax dollars on and we need to re-staff the positions that are keeping people safe. The problem is that these public officials will never uphold the interests/safety of the public but would rather make money for their town by arresting/ticketing innocent people.