Illuminati Subliminals in Movies, TV & Commercials

Illuminati subliminals have been found in movies, TV and commercials for decades. Here is a look at some of them.

Back in 1984 when Ghostbusters came out, people did not realize that they were getting more then fun ghostbusting action when they watched it. They were also getting brainwashed.

When the female character opens the fridge door, you are shown an Illuminati New World Order pyramid with lightening coming from the top and what looks like Satan.

The cartoon Tom and Jerry dedicated a whole episode to Illuminati worship and even went so far as to have the characters worship the Devil while wearing pyramid hats with eyes on the pinnacles. They are told that Satan is the president of Hollywood, which likely is not far from the truth.

Illuminati subliminal messages are even in commercials, such as YOP, Delta, Revlon and more. Here is a picture of the Illuminati pyramid in the YOP Yogurt commercial.

Here is a good video of Illuminati commercials:

Truthquake personally caught this Illuminati subliminal found in the movie SLC Punk. When the teen is running approximately eight minutes into the movie, the camera zooms in on his pocket, and you are shown a pyramid with a large eye for a moment. See here:

In another movie The Master of Disguise you are shown constant Illuminati symbols, such as on the grandfathers robe and on the cover of the book.

The new childrens cartoon Gravity Falls is also filled with Illuminati symbolism they want to get them young.

SpongeBob has a whole episode dedicated to Illuminati worship, which is no surprise as Nickelodeons logo symbol is a triangle and eye.

Here is the SpongeBob SquarePants episode:

Honestly, one could go on and on. There is so much symbolism, but you can research more yourself.

New discoveries will be shared in the near future.

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