Is that an ankle monitor bracelet on Obama?

TMZ: The former Prez is still living it up in Hawaii in the new year, and he’s moved from the golf course to the ocean for some paddleboarding fun … which looks like quite a workout too.

So I came across this article about Obama on vacation in Hawaii. I found something interesting within the images, yes Michelle was no where to be found on the beach in a bikini. lol but The interesting thing is located on Obama’s foot, not the ankle strap for the board. Look at the other foot; That looks like a GPS ankle tracker.

Now I have read many ideas people had about what it could be. A frequency device to scare off sharks, a gps tracker or some other type of smart device. So what are your thoughts? Is he secretly on ‘house arrest’? I doubt it but we can only hope Hillary Clinton has one of these trackers on her ankles as well. 🙂 Wishful thinking!