If you hate America, please GTFO…. :)

Read my little tangent post below 🙂

Okay this goes for all the assholes I see driving around with other countries flags plastered on their hoods or inside their vehicles rear view mirror.. Why are you even here if you love that other country so much? Or the people who are white and fighting for these immigrants to stay here illegally. It’s one thing if you go through the process and get approved; but if you come here illegally and expect shit to be handed to you. You should be executed for thinking that… Like I said above, these young kids who want these migrants here. Please take them in your neighborhood or house if you’re so concerned about them and see what would happen. The funny thing is that they probably would kick your ass out to the curb!

But most kids now-a-days don’t know their ass from their elbow which is hilarious figuratively. Most of them cant even do any physical work; most don’t even have an ounce of common sense. Most can say that “oh I don’t like Trump” but then you go to ask them their reason; they look up in the sky and have no idea but they just ‘hate him’. I also have family members who have this Trump syndrome and I’m sure some people who read my site have it as well. I haven’t gone much into politics on the site because it’s just a distraction from what’s the real issue in the world. Just like this stupid race war that has been brewing since Obama. People of all colors need to unite and fight against the real devil in this world as we call the tyrannical/big brother/new world order society which is running the governments behind the veil.

That’s the whole purpose of all the brainwashing that they make everyone against each others throats so no one can come together and take over the tyrannical government. But no one cares about that, these kids are scared of guns now-a-days… They wouldn’t even have the balls to protect their families or what they really believe in… Not any of that propaganda which is fed trough the TV/News/Social Media.. America is a free country with Freedom of Speech and certain constitutional rights..

Some of those same people would like to see these rights disappear and become a socialist country.. Which could happen with all these new idiots who are campaigning for 2020. Like free healthcare and education… Like wtf?!? Who’s going to pay for that shit, better not be coming out of my paycheck fuckers.. I work hard and don’t need to be supporting some deadbeat asshole young punk who goes to school for free only to be a unproductive jerk in society who just got a free ride. They won’t learn anything but other than to rely on the government to wipe their ass for them…

I also have a problem with these immigrants who are so blatant on social media saying how they hate America and this and that… That irritates me; so much that’s what sparked this rant post.. If you care about America, don’t let these punks ruin the outlook of a American future which will still be the ‘American Dream’ for your own children or family. Stand up for what’s right and stop the bashing before someone bashes your unamerican skull in like the jerk that you are.