Japan Is Evacuating!! Breaking News!!!

This is breaking news people!!!! Japan is starting to evacuate people! They are telling the citizens to get sticky tape and close up their windows and doors. Well that’s not going to help at all!!! They are saying everything is fine but that’s not the case! The people of Japan only have a few choices of where to relocate but who knows if the radiation fallout will reach the entire world within the next month if they don’t do something about it!

It just seems that every disaster in this world takes forever to fix, Just like the BP oil spill…The governments don’t care about the well being of the citizens! Neither do the companies who are using this outdated nuclear technology with plutonium. This stuff is toxic, the companies should of did large amounts of research before building thousands of Nuclear Power Plants and know how to stop one if it blows. But there is one power plant in the US which is built right on a fault line. How dumb could they be???

What about wind power? What about solar power? These things are here everyday and not toxic so why are we using the most deadly source of electricity known to human kind? Japan not only had a tsunami but a serious melt down which could kill about 90% of the population and even new-born babies. In my other post I talked about random nose bleeds since this disaster. I think the two are connected!

In this video I’m going to be posting below is a resident that is living in Tokyo. He claims that the government is saying that the radiation levels are not high and to use duck-tape to “seal” off your house.. What the heck is that going to do? NOTHING! The guy also claims that he is getting these weird “zits’ on his face out of nowhere. He also said that they had rail the other day and thinks it could be toxic rainfall. Which I believe because when the BP oil spill happened it was raining oil/Corexit from the sky.

This is pretty scary well I’m terrified for the citizens on Japan. My best wishes go out to the people stuck there breathing in this toxic crap. If you there now reading this, Please leave there ASAP! I’m going to be posting this video that was just posted please watch it and share this with your friends and family.

Disclose.tvJapan Is Evacuating!! Video