Jane Fonda, 81, knocked on doors in Pennsylvania to talk to ‘dispirited and confused’ Trump voters

Actress Jane Fonda reveals she’s ‘scared for our democracy’ and to raise political awareness for the upcoming election she rolled up her sleeves and went door-knocking in the swing state of Pennsylvania.  

Though she has two Oscars, four Golden Globes, and immeasurable accolades to her name, the 81-year-old returned to political activism earlier this month to canvass for Working America in a working class neighborhood in Scranton.  

There, she spoke to disgruntled voters who to open up about their political views, their concerns in the upcoming election, and to educated them about Trump’s policies. 

‘I’m scared. I’m scared for our democracy, for our ability to live together in community across lines of race, class and religion. I’m scared for my grandchildren and for the planet. The country is contorted and polarized, with the flames of hate fanned by leaders at the highest level,’ she revealed in a Washington Post op-ed.  

But she was surprised to realize just how powerful speaking face-to-face with voters can be. 

‘I saw a path forward recently in Scranton, Pennsylvania where I spent a hot, humid evening knocking on doors with Working America,’ she said, adding she’s hardly recognized and only gives her first name when she’s canvassing.  

Fonda says having a respectful conversation opens the door for voters to hear and understand new information on issues they care about, assuring they have a more informed vote. 

The actress says despite ‘this mess’ on Capitol Hill, the way to clear things up is straightforward – ‘We outsmart the Facebook algorithms and digital foreign meddling by holding face-to-face conversations.’ 

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