James Holmes’ Defense Team Suppressing Information

Karen Pearson,  Richard Orman, William Blair Sylvester,  James Holmes, Daniel King, Tamara Brady.by Jim Kane

Dark Knight gunman James Holmes’ attorneys are asking a judge to conceal evidence from the public, about the mass shooting over the summer inside a movie theater. The former doctoral candidate from the University of Colorado is presently facing 166 murder and attempted murder counts for the July massacre.

There’s something very strange about the way this case is being handled. Why is there so much secrecy? What are they hiding? Will the public ever learn the entire truth, about what really happened at the Aurora Century Cinema that night? All of this mystery is what leads to conspiracy theories.

The Dark Knight shooting suspect’s lawyers this week asked Judge William Sylvester to keep a gag order in place. They said they are protecting Holmes’ right to a fair trial, due process and an impartial jury, which is asinine because everyone already believes this fellow is guilty as sin. Sylvester didn’t rule on that request yet. But face it, there’s no chance the judge will open the files to the public.

Neither Sylvester, nor the lawyers from either side, have shown any inclination in telling the citizens what happened that night. Holmes is being housed in Colorado’s Arapahoe County Jail, and is scheduled to next appear in court on March 12.