John McAfee hits out at anti-Cuba propaganda in US media

Computer programming big John McAfee has been out and about looking for groceries in Cuba and he has one thing he desires to inform American information shoppers about how their media portrays that nation.

Mainstream American information shops have had, just about, nothing good to say about Cuba since 1953. Annoyed by this countless stream of negativity, the 73-year-old businessman took to Twitter to right some inaccuracies he detected in the reporting following a grocery run on Saturday.

“US authorities propaganda tells us, by means of the WSJ, that individuals in Cuba are ravenous, consuming rats and practically rioting for meals,” McAfee stated in a tweet on Saturday evening. “Went all over today and all I could find were food stands like this overflowing with food. Wake up America!”

The antivirus software program inventor accompanied his message with a number of pictures exhibiting quite a few grocery retailer cabinets overflowing with recent fruit and greens. 

McAfee at the moment resides in the Bahamas, the place he’s allegedly hiding from the US Internal Revenue Service. Earlier this 12 months the cryptocurrency evangelist introduced that he’s working for the presidency of the United States whereas “in exile.”