Kim Dotcom Can Sue The New Zealand Government Over Illegal Spying

imagesZach Sokol

A New Zealand Court of Appeals ruling has stated that internet demigod Kim Dotcom can legally sue the Government Communications Security Bureau (GCSB) and the New Zealand police for illegally spying on him and his operations.

The case revealed that the GCSB had been illegally spying on Dotcom before his New Zealand mansion was raided in January of 2012, purportedly for the benefit of the FBI. The case stated that the warrants used were “unreasonably broad because they failed to address that some items located during the search…would result in the police obtaining material irrelevant to the alleged offending.”

Now the GCSB will be added to the expansive case, and the claim will be part of an April hearing. An additional ruling states that the New Zealand attorney general will not have to hand over its spying evidence to Dotcom, meaning Dotcom’s legal team “will only be told what information exists and to where it was sent, but will not receive copies of the documents,” explained the New Zealand Herald.

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