You’re Under Surveillance In a National Forest?

This photo was captured in a US National Forest, I’m not sure of which one but I thought it was very interesting. What’s down there? Why is it under surveillance? What makes the trail illegal? Under what law? Why is there a ‘all seeing eye’ on the sign? Awhile back we posted an article about a large number of people who ‘disappear’ in national parks each year.. Now there has been a lot of speculation of time jump locations within these parks because in many of the stories that you read about people who get lost were found hundreds and even in one case thousands of miles away from where they originated.. I really find this conspiracy interesting; even the Illuminati have a role in these parks. This is where they hide their ‘treasure vaults’ within these national parks. In the picture you will also notice that there is an eye on the sign as symbolism for other members. There is really nothing posted about this on other websites, one day someone needs to do a complete investigation of these huge national parks.. Here is the sign: