Louisiana cops use siren from dystopian horror film The Purge to warn that the curfew has begun

Police officers in Louisiana blasted the alarm sound from The Purge to alert residents that a 9pm coronavirus curfew was beginning.

The siren from the 2013 thriller movie was blasted out of police cars as they patrolled the streets of Crowley, Louisiana, to tell locals that they can’t leave their homes until 6am the next morning.

In the film a siren which sounds exactly like the one used by the Louisiana officers signals the start of ‘the purge’, a night during which all crime is legal for 12 hours.  

Crowley Police said they were not aware that the siren sound came from the horror franchise and said they would not use it again, KATC reports.

Starting in a few days, those who break the curfew in the area will be issued citations. Proof from an employer must be provided for residents going to or from work.

A Facebook post from the Crowley Police Department read:  ‘Acadia Parish [where Crowley is located] received the worse rating for the rapid spread of the virus. ‘It has been put into place in order try and slow the spread.’

Joel Scott shared a video of the siren blasting on Facebook with the caption: ‘As if things aren’t bad enough, the Crowley Louisiana police department played The Purge siren to notify its citizens of the evening curfew.’ 

Allison Kathryn commented: ‘I can understand the curfew but the sirens were unnecessary. Thanks for waking my baby up.’

But not all residents were against using the siren. Christy Finley said: ‘It’s just a siren people. Calm down and stop complaining about everything!

‘They are out there doing the best they can do in this situation while y’all are in the comfort of your homes!’

Coronavirus has killed more than 500 people and infected upwards of 15,000 in Louisiana alone.

Sheriff, K.P. Gibson from Acadia Parish said: ‘Last night a ”Purge Siren” was utilized by the Crowley Police Department as part of their starting curfew.