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Long Overdue: USAHM Back, but with a Major Problem – Morgellons?!

Hello to the Internet. USAHitman is back from a long overdue break from the world, internet and my personal enjoyment in what I use to do before the major life changes that has happened over the last year or so. My wife and I seemed to find these plastic like fibers that were connected to me! Seriously like deep in my skin… She managed to pull a lot out of me and then I got it looked at and the doctor explained: “Those are just cotton fibers from your shirt rubbing on you.” At first I kinda believed it; but there was no way these things were embedded in my skin! Then I found some of these fibers on my wife and I knew something was up. I remembered reading about Morgellons a long time ago on conspiracy websites that have discussed the topic. Many of the doctors claim the patient is crazy and the disease doesn’t exist. Many think it’s from the chemtrails that are being sprayed upon the public? We don’t know when or how we could have acquired a small patch of this but all I know is that I have been so weak that I cannot enjoy posting new articles and exposing the lies of our all mighty seeing-eye. So I’m feeling little better to rid myself of this sickness but please join me in the updated USAHitman hopefully with new and exciting topics for everyone to read.