Top 11 Ways Big Brother Loves Us

By Zen Gardner

There were too many options for naming this story…”Current Surveillance State of the Surveillance State”, “Technocracy Gone Wild!”, “What New Intrusions You’re About To Experience”, “Mr. Scan Man Bring Me A Dream”, or maybe “A Funny Thing Happened To Me On The Way To The Police State”. Let Me Count The Ways…We’re Being Eyeballed, Indexed and Monitored to Oblivion:

1. Credit/Debit and RFID use: Every transaction, ID and passport use is monitored and tracked. Your buying habits are sold to corporations and your personal information given to the US Department of Justice in some form. Rely on it. Your privacy rights have vanished. RFIDs are soon to be in all forms of ID, used for medical records, are in your food and products for “tracking” and soon to be under everyone’s skin. Beware. That one’s a biggie.

2. Phone and Internet use: Forget it, they know everything. The NSA is in bed with the servers and providers so kiss internet and cellular privacy goodbye, subjects. Don’t believe that? Go googling. Now. Before it disappears.

3. GPS and Drones: “Thanks for the self-bought tracking device, Philbert.” They can pinpoint anyone. GPS, phone, lowjack, OnStar…those just help. Watch for the policing drones and other technologies to follow soon. You are not alone…anywhere!

4. Smart Meters: They read all your home’s devices, track your activities and give off more radiation than a cell phone tower! Nice, eh? Clever bastards.

5. Chemtrails and EMFs: By now we’ve all inhaled, eaten and drunk enough barium, and aluminum, to be tracked from space. EMFs from cell and GWEN towers screw with your nervous system more than ever and influence your thoughts, as does your TV. Happy yet?

6. The Obvious CCTV cameras…and the Not Obvious ones: In the UK they’re IN the busses as well as outside the busses…never mind in trees in the countryside! Yes, it’s gone that far, and will in the US soon too. Smile. There’s 8 to 12 every intersection…don’t you wonder the hell why?

7. Scans and More Scans – Old news: Airport, transport, mobile and soon to be everywhere: Metal detectors, feel-downs and ups, and the latest: backscatter machines that unzip your DNA! Getting the picture?

8. Fingerprints and Iris scanners: Notice how many want fingerprints now? And iris scanners are already in place in many airports, in fact I’ve heard this is the first thing the NYPD is doing to anyone arrested at OWS. Beware.

9. Facial recognition technology: “Yay! We’ll catch all those buggers now! But why am I suspect?” Coming “officially” in January (which means they’ve been experimenting and using it for some time already…..) and..

10. Precrime detection: Yes, movies DO come to life! They’re working fervently on detecting your MOOD and will summarily assume at will you have BAD INTENTIONS with this one! Beware being pissed or on a bummer in public…YOU could be a terrorist!!

11. Intention To Trespass Outside the Country: Yup. Here’s a brand new doozy. “You gonna circumvent your domesticating home country’s laws on substance regulation, you wild and crazy thing? Damn you…you get back in the house right now!”

Comforted yet? I hope so. We are getting so safe we should sleep peacefully for 12 hours a night now. In fact, most Americans are sound asleep fulltime by now, so overwhelmed with safekeeping. If not, “the intrustions will continue until morale improves..”

Wake The Hell Up!

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