The LQP-79 Zombie Virus?

I am thinking it maybe a new form of an unknown virus that acted badly with drugs, the guy (Rudy Eugene) had a drug habit

Updated as I get new info so check back often.

Update 3:41pm 5.31.2012 Why is there so many people saying that the theory of LQP-79 is untrue? Why is the officials not coming out and saying this just a lot of “people” all over the net saying that people like me are conspiracy theorist?  With as many people asking questions should the government health people be commenting if this is not real?

Update 9:32am 3.1.2012 My thoughts. Oh no now that the Government agents at Snopes says this is not real >Click here to see< no we all know that the health dept has said nothing about this being real or fake but the got there agents saying so. I have gotten a lot of bot messages about you “scaring people with fake info” and Bla Bla Bla.  Like all the crazy auctions of people that are in the new in Fl are all fake reminds me of that cop from south park. Nothing to see here so just move alone.  Next they will be saying what guy no one ate someone face that just a rumor. And I keep seeing people saying the zombie guy was just really high, if that’s the case this is the worst case of munchies I have ever seen.

Update 6/1/2012

Zombie takeover: Maryland Man Eats Missing Man’s Dismembered Limbs >Click her for full story<

21-year-old Alexander Kinyua, a student at Morgan State University, owned up to killing a family friend, cutting up his body, and eating his heart and part of his brain. Kinuya’s brother said he went into the laundry room of the family’s Joppatowne, Md., home and saw a box with a blanket containing a human head and hands.

The Zombie Apocalypse May Actually Be Upon Us

It all started on 5/16 with an ominous story about a “mysterious rash” at McArthur High School in Hollywood that launched a HazMat investigation. Twleve students and two teachers were treated and released. The source of the rash remains unknown.

Hazmat Incident Sickens 5 at Florida Airport

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. (AP) — A terminal at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport was closed for a time after an unknown chemical sent five people to the hospital with respiratory complaints.

Terminal 2 was evacuated for about two hours Friday as hazardous materials technicians investigated what caused several people to become ill.

The cause remains under investigation, though an airport spokesman says it appears an aerosol can discharged.

Broward County Sheriff Fire Rescue spokesman Mike Jachles says three Transportation Security Administration agents and two passengers were affected by the irritant.

Investigators collected air samples and determined it was safe for people to re-enter. More than 1,000 passengers have been delayed and several inbound flights were diverted to other airports.

On 5/20, the first real sign of trouble: 41-year-old Dr. Zachary Bird, was arrested by the Florida Highway Patrol near Orlando and charged with felony battery charges for spitting blood in a patrolman’s face. He was also “extremely agitated and enraged,” and repeatedly banged his head on the patrol car’s plexiglass partition “until he bled.”

A few days later, another mystery rash was reported at yet another Broward County school. A HazMat team was once again called in to investigate, and once again left without any concrete answers.

The following day, a “disoriented” Canadian man was arrested aboard an American Airlines plane after he inexpicably attempted to rush the cockpit. The plane had just landed in Miami.

On Saturday, an unidentified homeless man had some 80% of his face bitten off by 31-year-old Rudy Eugene.

And here’s the bad news: Whatever’s happening in Florida appears to be spreading. The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign tweeted the following the following warning to its students last night: “Hazardous materials released at Institute for Genomic Biology. Escape area if safe to do so. Otherwise seek shelter.”

And in Hackensack, New Jersey, today, a man was rushed to the hospital after he reportedly cut out his own intestines and threw them at police officers.

Also see: Zombie apocalypse becomes reality in Miami as police shoot, mindless man literally eating the face off another man

Rudy Eugene (Zombie 0) was a sweet, well-mannered man who had recently tried to stop smoking pot but had never been violent, his girlfriend said.


On the Saturday morning before he would make headlines for chewing off a man’s face –– before he would come to be known tragically as the “Miami Zombie”–– Rudy Eugene held his Bible and kissed his girlfriend goodbye.

Eugene’s on-again, off-again girlfriend said he woke her up at 5:30 a.m. to say he was going to meet with a “homeboy.” She said she found it strange he was rummaging the closet so early in morning. He didn’t name the friend or say where he was going.

He planted a kiss on her lips and said, “I love you.”

Shortly after, he left the central Broward apartment he shared with her.

“I told him be safe and I love you too. When he walked out the door I closed it, locked it and went back to sleep,” said the girlfriend, who spoke to The Miami Herald on Wednesday but asked that her name not be disclosed. She said that she thought it unusual that he was leaving the house so early, but didn’t press him on it.

An hour after he left, Eugene called her cell phone. “He called me and told me his car broke down. He said, “I’ll be home, but I’m going to be a little late. Then he said, I’m going to call you right back.” That was the last time Eugene’s girlfriend heard from him.

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Surveillance video captures complete face-eating attack in Miami

Much of everything happens out of the view of the camera so forward to min 18

This uncensored surveillance video from the Miami Herald building shows the 18-minute face-eating attack on victim Ronald Poppo on the MacArthur Causeway. Police arrive at the scene, shooting attacker Rudy Eugene around minute 18.