Missouri Destroys $250,000 Worth of Raw Cheese that Never Hurt Anyone

Morningland-Dairy2-300x225By Brad Jordan

Brad talks with the owner of Morningland Dairy, whose cheese is being destroyed today by what he calls a “conspiracy” between the state of Missouri, the FDA and the big, dirty dairy industry.

Owner Joseph Dixon explains how almost all raw milk has trace amounts of “bad” bacteria in it, which are kept un check by the “good” bacteria. He doesn’t trust the vague lab results that said his cheese tested “mildly” positive for Listeria and Staphylococcus. Even if the test results were accurate, Dixon argues they are meaningless, as not one person has ever been made ill by his product.

Dixon says the destruction of his cheese is not about protecting public health, but protecting the confinement, GM corn-fed, hormone and antibiotic-pumped dairy industry from having to compete with real, grass-fed milk, which doesn’t require pasteurization.

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