U.S. Military discusses openly its counterattack plans against Alien Invasion…


Recently, Professor Paul Springer of the U.S. Air Command and Staff College at Maxwell Air Force Base in Alabama was a guest on an Australian talk show titled “U.S. Military Making Plans for an Alien Invasion.” Springer, a former professor at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point who has a doctorate in military history from Texas A&M University, said his superiors had authorized him to discuss Pentagon plans to counter an alien invasion.

During the interview, Springer was asked, “What do you think would be the alien plan? What would they do first?” He replied: “That really depends on why they are here in the first place. If they are here for extraction of a specific resource, for example, they might just want to eliminate any resistance that might block them from their objective. If, on the other hand, their goal was actual occupation and conquest, then they would probably have to prioritize anything they perceived as a threat to their own dominance. So they would probably start by wiping out as many communications networks as possible and eliminating as many weapons that might represent some form of threat whether to them or to the resources they are trying to extract. So they might very well want to counter every nuclear weapon, not because it represented a threat to them but because it might destroy whatever they’re here to collect.”

In commenting on Springer’s quote, Michael Salla, founder of the Honolulu-based Exopolitics Institute, noted it has been documented for more than 60 years that UFOs have been observing U.S. nuclear weapons facilities and, in some cases, have disrupted their launch capability. U.S. Air Force spokespeople have for many years declared no intrusions by crafts of unknown origin that have been reported, investigated or evaluated ever threatened U.S. national security. That declaration has been made despite the fact several former U.S. missile launch officers and support personnel have testified otherwise.

Springer’s television interview brings to mind the longtime artificial alien invasion warnings put forth by Carol Rosin, former aerospace executive with Fairchild Industries who worked as a special assistant to U.S. space czar Wernher von Braun during the final two years of his life when he was suffering from kidney cancer. Concerning a possible alien invasion hoax, Rosin said: “The strategy that Wernher von Braun taught me was that first the Russians are going to be considered to be the enemy. In fact, in 1974, they were the enemy, the identified enemy. We were told that they had ‘killer satellites.’

“We were then told that they were coming to get us and control us — that they were ‘commies.’ … Then terrorists would be identified. Then we were going to identify Third World-country ‘crazies.’ We now call them ‘nations of concern.’ But he said that would be the third enemy against whom we would build space-based missiles.

“The next enemy was asteroids. Now, at this point, he kind of chuckled the first time he said it. Asteroids — against asteroids we are going to build space-based weapons.

“And the funniest one of all was what he called aliens, extraterrestrials. That would be the final scare. And over and over and over during the four years that I knew him and was giving speeches for him, he would bring up the last card.”

Several analysts have interpreted Springer’s statement as a similar “false flag” hoax aimed at gaining public support for increased expenditures for additional exotic “Star Wars” weapons systems. Others interpret his announcement as a “news embargo leakage” tactic that will help lessen the shock of eventual full U.S. government disclosure of the meanings of the UFO presence and the extraterrestrial hypothesis that has been supported at the 90 percent level of confidence by French scientists and other students of the issue, such as former U.S. astronaut Edgar Mitchell.

Given the well-documented government campaigns of misinformation and disinformation since the late 1940s, it is truly difficult to separate truth from falsehood.

As Stanford University space sciences and astrophysics Professor Peter Sturrock said: “The definitive resolution of the UFO enigma will not come about unless and until the problem is subjected to open and extensive scientific study by the normal procedures of established science and administration of universities.”

In contrast to the alien-enemy scenario put forth by Springer, numerous UFO researchers and other analysts have taken a more positive approach to relations with the “Visiting Others.” One example is a proposed international-cosmic treaty known as The Outer Space Security and Development Treaty of 2011 crafted by Rosin, Mitchell and retired U.S. naval intelligence officer Scott Jones.

For those who would like additional information from generals, pilots, scientists and government officials, simply Google: “Out of the Blue UFO Documentary — You Tube.” The introduction by Mitchell is itself worth the effort.