Man Ditched Chemotherapy, ‘Essentially Cancer Free’ After Using CBD Oil

George Gannon was told by doctors in Ko Pha Ngan, Thailand that he had only months to live after a grave diagnosis of not one, but twelve brain tumors. After the diagnosis, an immediate return home to the U.K., and brief treatment, Gannon took matters into his own hands, achieving stunning results.

The 30-year-old from Basingstoke, Hampshire began using cannabidiol (CBD) oil in December of last year before stopping chemotherapy treatments in February due to significant deterioration of his health cause by the powerful chemotherapy tablets prescribed by the NHS.

Gannon told the Southern Daily Echo:

“The medication I was being subscribed was literally destroying me. I looked like the poster person for cancer, I was so ill. It all got very dark. It felt as though the doctors assumed I didn’t have long left and just kind of gave up. There were talks of me going into a hospice at one point.”

That’s when Gannon and his girlfriend began research alternative methods of treatment. The more they read about CBD the more promising it sounded.

Gannon explained:

“I made the decision to come off the drugs by choice and decided to take a natural path, using real cannabis oil instead.”

After three months of CBD oil use three times a day at a cost of $1,588 (£1,300) per month, scans showed that Gannon’s tumors stopped growing. The 30-year-old also started to feel “like a completely new person” within five weeks of using CBD.

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