Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine ‘Disgusted’ with Obama’s Attack on Wealth

Metal legend Dave Mustaine has been sparking controversy in the wake of his recent appearance on the Alex Jones Show.

Jeanne Dupuis wrote at KO

During interview with conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, [Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine] revealed that hes is less than pleased with the current Commander-In-Chief.

Mustaine said: “See, the thing that I laugh about when I hear Obama say, ‘Give the folks a chance. Give everybody a chance. Take away from the rich people.’ Well, what happens when the folks that he’s giving a chance gets a chance, becomes successful, is rich. Well, then all of a sudden, you’re Obama’s enemy now.”

“I’m disgusted with this guy,” he added. “He’s my president, I respect the office of the presidency, but I think as a person and the things that he says, I’ve never heard anything this offensive ever come out of the mouth of a president. And I’m 50 — I’ve heard a lot of presidents talk in my life.”

Mustaine also asked why no one had tried to impeach Obama, touching about the wars, the controversy surrounding the Obama’s eligibility and birth certificate and much more.

Watch the whole interview here:

Dave Mustaine: We Are In The Fight of Our Lives

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