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The Mysterious Death of John Denver

By Truth-News

The singer and musician John Denver, real name Henry John Deutschendorff, was the son of a test pilot at Roswell New Mexico, but John began to become an activist for peace singing many protest songs but it was his involvement with protests over oil drilling in the arctic on a natural wildlife reserve and his letters during the 1996 election which angered some powerful lobbies.

He began his musical career with a guitar bought as a present by his grandmother and played first for the Chad Mitchell trio until 1968 when he struck out on his own. From 1969 until 1975 John Denver was the top selling US recording artist and was made entertainer of the year by the Country music assoc. and won other awards from the American Guild of recording artists, he also acted in “Mc’Cloud 1970 and with comedian George Burns in the hit comedy “oh god” in 1977.

John Denver’s popularity was such that he was approached to allow pro Vietnam subliminals into his records and John refused, anonymous items appeared in the gutter press that he was an alcoholic, a homosexual, smoked weed 24/7, his plane was unflight worthy and other smears.

John’s interest in environmental matters had begun to worry some big political players, and the fear was that John would team up and support presidential candidate Ross Perot, the only man that was not owned by the syndicates.

The United States Presidential election of 1996 was a contest between the democrat ticket of Pres. Bill Clinton of Arkansas, and Vice Pres. Al Gore of Tennessee and former senator Bob Dole of Kansas, Ross Perot ran as a candidate for the reform party who wanted to clean up US politics, but was largely sidelined by the controlled media.

The Clinton’s were investigated by several people who had mysterious deaths, let’s look below at some figures now 12 years old.

Murders- 12

Suicides- 9

Plane crashes- 6

Car crashes- 7

Skiing- 2

Unexplained deaths- 6 and mounting.

Now it was well known that Mossad put the beautiful young Monica Lewinski up to honey trap Bill Clinton, or “sweet William” as he was known to the C.I.A. and Clinton fell into the trap, we all remember the ” I did not sleep with that woman ” episode, and the constant film being removed from the internet of a naked Hillary romping with very young girls, when politicians are corrupt they attract yet more corruption until they are owned body and soul by foreign powers, exactly as occurred to Barack Obama.

The Clinton entourage did not like a fresh faced Christian Anglo Saxon musician criticizing them and particularly supporting Ross Perot, so John Denver’s plane nosedived into Monterey bay on October 12 1997.

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