Mark Dice: William “Bill” Cooper Was a Fraud

By Mark Dice

Milton William Cooper, known as William or Bill Cooper was an author and radio host who discussed the Illuminati, the New World Order, and UFOs. He claimed that he had a Top Secret, Q security clearance, Sensitive Compartmentalized Information with access authorized on a strict need-to-know basis.(#142) While supposedly working for Naval Intelligence, he claimed to have seen classified documents regarding the JFK assassination, UFOs, and the New World Order. Cooper was shot and killed on November 5, 2001 by a sheriff who was serving an arrest warrant at his Arizona home after Cooper allegedly tried to resist arrest and shot an officer in the head. He was 58 years old. Police and neighbors say Cooper had threatened a man with a gun for trespassing on his property, and a warrant was issued for his arrest. The circumstances surrounding his death remain the topic of debate and will be discussed at the end of this section. Many of Cooper’s fans believe he was assassinated to stop him from continuing to discuss the information he claimed to have learned while in the Navy.

William Cooper is best known for this 1991 book Behold a Pale Horse, which discusses various aspects of the New World Order and contains his many claims to have seen classified government documents while in the Navy. The title is from the Bible’s Book of Revelation chapter 6 verse 8, “And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him.”

In the forward to Behold a Pale Horse, Cooper recounts his time in the Navy and begins by explaining that he and his fellow ship mates had seen several UFOs rise up from the ocean and disappear into the clouds. He insists that the Navy’s sonar had also detected these objects.(#143) He explains that a superior officer then made him sign an agreement that he was not to discuss the event with anyone, including the other witnesses. Throughout his book are included various photos of Cooper while in uniform and on a patrol boat to show that he was actually in the Navy. He even includes his service record in the back of his book, in an attempt to give credibility to his claims, although these documents make no reference to him having any Top Secret security clearance.

Cooper explains that when he was registering for the Navy a questionnaire asked if the applicant had been a member of any fraternal organizations, and that he circled the DeMolay society, since he said he was a member as a child.(#144) The DeMolay society is basically a branch of Freemasonry for children of Masons. He says that this selection made him a viable candidate to become promoted into the inner circle of Naval Intelligence, since all people in that division were involved with Freemasonry.

At this point he claims to have been given another security clearance in the crypto category and served as the designated SPECAT operator. It was then that he writes he learned the Office of Naval Intelligence had participated in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy and that the Secret Service agent driving the limo had shot Kennedy in the head.(#145) This odd theory isn’t even considered credible by the least objective JFK assassination conspiracy theorists, and such an idea ignores the fact that nobody reported hearing a gunshot from the limo (or seeing the driver with a gun), which was just a few feet away from the crowd.

Throughout his book he continues to make repeated references to “the Top Secret documents” he saw when working in the Navy and how they pertain to the New World Order.

I will continue to list his far-fetched claims in a minute, but it first must be said that it is extremely suspicious that Cooper casually mentions “Top Secret documents he had seen” as if they were just laying out on someone’s desk and he happened to spot them and had a chance to actually read through them. There are millions and millions of pages of classified material which fill countless filing cabinets which are extremely difficult to access, yet Cooper claims he simply “came across” various documents which discuss material referencing the Council on Foreign Relations, the Bilderberg group, and the New World Order.

In his book, he published a text allegedly from a document titled “Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars” which he says was a Top Secret document that was discovered on July 7, 1986 in a photo copier that had been purchased at a military surplus sale, suggesting someone in the military had accidentally left the original in the machine after making photo copies.

The “document” contains information supposedly on how the government can control the world’s resources, finances, and information, in order to further their goals of constructing the New World Order. It reads like a poorly written hoax. In the text of this supposed Top Secret document obtained by Cooper, it continuously refers to “the elite” and their diabolical plans. It also mentions the Bilderberg group and Rothschild’s control of the banking system. The whole thing reads like a pathetic regurgitation of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. (See Protocols of Elders of Zion page 146)

Cooper also reported that to mark the year 2000, the Illuminati would use the Galileo space craft to detonate 49.7 pounds of plutonium as it reached the planet Jupiter, which would cause a nuclear reaction turning the planet into another sun. He said that this new star would be called Lucifer and would be cited as a miracle or a sign that the Antichrist was a god and the messiah had appeared. This, all according to Top Secret documents he claimed to have read in the Navy concerning Project Galileo.(#146) Cooper’s book was published in 1991, giving him a full nine years to make such claims and collect the profits from his sales. He added that the Spear of Destiny, which is said to be the spear that was used to pierce to side of Jesus as he hung on the cross, and other ancient relics believed to be lost to history would be united and give the world leader supernatural powers.(#147)

When describing the various secret societies that are involved in creating the New World Order, Cooper included the Skull and Bones society at Yale University, and the Scroll and Key society, but incorrectly stated that Scroll and Key was a secret society at Harvard,(#148) when in reality it is also at Yale in Connecticut, the same residence of Skull and Bones.

Eight years before Cooper had published Behold a Pale Horse, Antony Sutton had released American’s Secret Establishment, which had exposed for the first time, the activities of the Skull and Bones society. (See America’s Secret Establishment page 85) Cooper was well aware of the book, and included it in his references page, so any idea that he learned of Skull and Bones while working in Naval Intelligence can be easily dismissed.

Cooper states, “Top Secret documents that I read while with Naval Intelligence stated that President Eisenhower had commissioned the JASON Society to examine all evidence, facts, likes, and deception and find the truth of the alien question…”(#149) While not often mentioned in regards to the New World Order, the Jasons, or the Jason Society is a secret group of scientists and scholars who consult with the Department of Defense. Their existence was exposed to the public during the Vietnam War and was well known to all anti-war activists…(#150) So Cooper didn’t need to find a “Top Secret” document to learn about the group, and only needed to read the newspapers in the late 1960s and early 1970s when their activities were being discussed in the press.

Cooper also writes about the alleged Majestic Twelve (also called Majesty Twelve), a group some believe is a scientific branch within the military which deals with aliens. Again, Cooper claims this information was discovered from secret documents that he just happened to find. He wrote, “I read Top Secret documents while with Naval Intelligence that stated President Eisenhower had appointed six of the Executive Committee members of the CFR [Council on Foreign Relations] to sit on the panel called Majesty Twelve also known as Majority Twelve for security reasons. Majesty Twelve is the secret group that is supposed to control extraterrestria..l information and projects…”(#151)

Ideas surrounding Majestic Twelve had been circulating in UFO circles since 1984, and was not a new “discovery” by Cooper from “Top Secret” documents. Most in the UFO community did not take Cooper seriously, and he found the majority of his support from patriots and those against the New World Order.

Perhaps the most laughable and far fetched claim that can be added to the list is when he writes, “I read while in Naval Intelligence that at least once a year, maybe more, two nuclear submarines meet beneath the polar icecap and mate together at an airlock. Representatives.. of the Soviet Union meet with the Policy Committee of the Bilderberg Group,” where “The Russians are given the script for their next performance…Thi..s method of meeting is the only way that is safe from detection and/or bugging.”(#152)

So, according to Cooper, there is no secure room in the Pentagon that is safe from being bugged or anywhere else on the planet, so the Bilderberg group must meet in a submarine beneath the polar ice cap.

(EXCERPT FROM THE ILLUMINATI: FACTS & FICTION by Mark Dice – Available on, Kindle and Nook)

Aside from numerous fabrications and obvious false claims in his writings, you will find the occasional paranoid ranting including one where he writes using all capitol letters, “PATRIOTS MUST NOT BE AT HOME ON ANY NATIONAL HOLIDAY DURING THE DAY OR NIGHT EVER AGAIN UNTIL THE DANGER IS PAST. DISREGARD THIS WARNING AND YOU WILL FIND YOURELF IN A CONCENTRATION CAMP.”(#153)

Cooper claimed that he possessed photographs of a secret base located on the moon in the crater Copernicus…(#154) Also in Behold a Pale Horse he included pictures of what he said were UFOs and diagrams and photos of what he called alien reproduction vehicles.

When looking for a motive for his outlandish claims, one needs only to look at the words of Mr. Cooper himself. In the forward to his book he describes that after he was discharged from the Navy that “we were broke and homeless at that point.”(#155) He had tried to make money by selling audio tapes of his lectures, which apparently wasn’t making him any money, so he would later write and publish Behold a Pale Horse in 1991.

Also by Cooper’s own admission he had fabricated documents and information concerning UFOs and the New World Order and posted them on a BBS network called ParaNet (Paranormal Network). Bulletin Board Systems (BBS) were a precursor to the Internet and allowed people to access another person’s hard drive directly by using a modem. He fully admits that he fabricated information and posted it, but he claimed the only reason he did it was to throw the government off his trail by making them think that he was “a kook who didn’t really know anything…”(#156)

Cooper was exposed and the information he had posted was proven to be false, and so it makes sense that he mentioned this in his book as a way to try to explain why it was that it had been shown he had spread fraudulent information in the past and been caught. The Sysop (system operator) for ParaNet, Michael Corbin, had this to say about Cooper: “First, I don’t want to get into any protracted discussions about Bill Cooper. All I can say is that we, ParaNet, had a great deal of experience with Bill Cooper, up to and including ejecting him from the net for causing a variety of disruptions, not to mention strong attacks on other members of the net that were counter-..productive to intelligent discussion. Our organization has investigated Cooper to the max and can find no truth in anything he says except that he was in the Navy, but not in the capacity that he claims. The bottom line is that Bill Cooper just doesn’t hold water, so anything he says should be taken with a large block of salt and tongue planted firmly in cheek.”(#157)

Cooper had exposed nothing new in his book or in his lectures, and the information he claims to have read from Top Secret documents was nothing but a retelling of publicly known information that had been talked about in the anti-New World Order movement for decades. Actually, there is one exception in regards to no new information being published by Cooper, and that is the “Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars” document he claimed to obtain from an old photo copier. The “document” is rarely cited as evidence by people researching the New World Order, and its authenticity is doubted by many. He says it was given to him by a man named Tom Young and that Cooper himself had “read Top Secret documents which explained that “Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars” is the doctrine adopted by the Policy Committee of the Bilderberg Group during its first known meeting in 1954.”(#158)

While no researcher is going to be 100% accurate with the information they compile, or the conclusions they draw from it, the repeated inconsistencies.. in Cooper’s book and his claims to have “seen Top Secret documents” about various issues which were already public knowledge, combined with his own admission that he had written and published fraudulent information in the past, clearly prove that Cooper is an unreliable source, and a financially troubled hoaxer who was cashing in by mixing fact with fiction and presenting himself as a first hand witness.

There are a number of people who continue to believe that William Cooper is a heroic man who exposed the New World Order and was murdered to silence him. Many of these people perhaps have only read parts of Cooper’s book and haven’t seen the extent of the ridiculousness of his claims. Others who are aware of his wild tales and actually believe them prove their inability to discern facts from fiction.

The actual events surrounding Cooper’s death remain the topic of debate and speculation amongst his fans. On November 5th 2001, sheriff deputies lured Cooper from his home in rural Eager, Arizona at approximately 11pm by posing as ordinary citizens playing loud music in their vehicle on or near his property, causing him to come out and investigate. A warrant had been issued for his arrest for allegedly threatening a man named Dr. Scott Hamblin with a gun for either trespassing or loitering on or near his land. Police claim that when they tried to apprehend Cooper, he pulled out a hand gun and shot one deputy, resulting in another officer shooting and killing Cooper. People who knew Cooper personally have said that anyone who attempted to approach his home would be confronted at gunpoint and that over the last few years of his life he was growing increasingly paranoid and unstable. They also said that Cooper himself had said that he would never be taken alive after he failed to appear in court for charges that he refused to pay income taxes. Cooper’s neighbor and friend Glenn Jacobs was the editor of a small local paper called The Round Valley Paper, and wrote, “local police with a warrant for a couple of aggravated-..assault warrants (Bill was certainly guilty) went up in force to Bill Cooper’s house, letting on to be teenagers drinking and partying, with the radio turned up loud. Bill came out of his house and drove over to them, demanding that they get off of his mountain. Two officers jumped Bill in his car. Bill backed it up, shoved one officer out and shot the other one twice in the head with his forty-five, but did not inflict any life-..threatening wounds. Bill ran toward his house, whereupon the entire contingent gave Bill what he had been asking for— his martyrdom. This was not a federal ninja action, nor a rogue-cop riot. Bill had gone over to Dr. Scott Hamblin’s house and wagged a gun in his face, and seems to have done the same to another person as well. The officers wisely went prepared, as Bill had broadcast hundreds of times that he would not surrender and would kill anyone who came after him.”

Despite Glenn Jacobs and others in the Eager, Arizona community who were friends with Cooper and against the New World Order saying that Cooper had lost it and opened fire on the police first, many of Cooper’s fans believe he was purposefully murdered because he talked about 9/11 and the New World Order.

The Associated Press published an article the day after his death labeling Cooper a “national leader of the militia movement” and tried to tie him to Timothy McVeigh saying “McVeigh, who was executed in May for the bombing of the federal building in Oklahoma City, listened to Cooper’s broadcasts for inspiration, according to testimony by James Nichols, brother of Oklahoma bombing co-defendant Terry Nichols during a 1996 pretrial hearing…”(#159)

While Cooper’s death is a tragedy and it’s slanderous to tie him to Timothy McVeigh, and many of the issues he discussed on his radio show and in his book are true, it is inexcusable that he fabricated tales of seeing Top Secret documents in an attempt to add credibility to his story and sell more books. His numerous claims to have personally seen Top Secret documents on a variety of issues and present himself as a whistleblower casts a dark cloud of doubt over his memory and his body of work since it leads people unfamiliar with such material to believe that some fictions are fact.

Criticizing Cooper is a sensitive issue since he is viewed as a martyr by many of his fans who are offended by anyone voicing doubts about his claims or credentials, and continue to believe that he was assassinated despite all the evidence to the contrary.

(EXCERPT FROM THE ILLUMINATI: FACTS & FICTION by Mark Dice – Available on, Kindle and Nook.)

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