MIT Exposed Hosting Child Porn Guides



MIT, one of the worlds most well known technology University’s has been exposed as hosting a self titled guide to child porn. I got alerted to this from @PrOtOn_An0n who sent me in the direction of a set of leaked emails from MIT that are hosted on by @FOILeaks.

In that is a short detailed message which talks about CP.

A few days ago, whilst browsing the MIT servers for fun we found an extremely disturbing email backup or draft on their servers which goes in-depth into the subject of “KIDDIE-PORN” and literally states “A guide to child pornography”. The entire email is about child pornography and where to find it. It was not on a subdomain, it was not on an MIT user’s folder, it was located in a random folder on their main domain. Disturbing, to say the least.

Here is an excerpt from said email:

“The point is: if you look hard enough, YOU WILL FIND IT!
Trust me! I’ve spent the last few years of my life doing little
else except looking for it. (Okay, so I do a Mass once in a while.
But then it’s back to the old uudecode program for me!)