Minnesota House Backs Driver’s Licenses For All Bill

The Minnesota House passed a bill Friday that would allow all Minnesotans to obtain a driver’s license regardless of immigration status.

Before a change in 2003, all Minnesotans were able to get a driver’s license. The bill passed with a 74-52 vote.

The bill, which has bipartisan support, was authored by House Majority Leader Ryan Winkler.

“All Minnesotans deserve to be able to work, live and take care of their families. Ensuring everyone has access to driver’s licenses will improve public safety for everyone, grow the state economy, and treat our immigrant communities with dignity and respect,” Rep. Winkler said in a statement.

The bill would prohibit the Department of Public Safety and driver’s license agents from sharing data on Minnesotans who get this type of license with entities including federal agencies.

The bill will not move to the Senate for passage. It will be part of the Omnibus Transportation bill, which will be part of end of session negotiations.