Michio Kaku – New World Order Facilitator

By Zen Gardner

The science establishment is like the medical model – sterilized white suits with unchallengeable answers sent down to us from sacred Mount Know-It-All. Until they’re disproven. Time and again.

But like false flags, once you find out it was manipulated  and the actions taken were based on a completely false premise, it’s too late. The deed’s been done, the sheeple duped, the plan is set in motion, and the purpose is accomplished.

The indoctrination is complete, the wars are underway, gobs of drugs were sold and people sickened, and whatever else they’re pushing is being consumed en masse…

Yes. It’s that bad.

Agent Kaku

You know this guy has to be the voice of the PTBs with all the press he gets. He’s set up as such an unchallengeable authority. Just look at the “illumination” effect they put around his portrait for the Science Channel at the top.

They just can’t help themselves.

He does have lots of interesting and perceptive information, but I watch what he says very carefully. He’s so good at slipping in mega assumptions meant to steer the unwitting into the lair of the false paradigm of their future voluntarily enslaved world.

He may imply or claim “innocence” of any complicity, but I’ll bet he knows quite well which side his bread is buttered on. As many of them do.

Such is the case with this first clip below. Playing on the popular idea of a coming “singularity” where knowledge will have accelerated to a transcendent apex, Kaku talks about the time when machines will outsmart humanity and perhaps rise up against us.

But how does he say we should prepare for such a day? Embrace it! Become part machine and evolve into a god-like future state with the machines! Of course! How could I be so stupid?

I know. Just the message you want your grandkids to grow up with. But watch how evangelical this media promoted mental manipulator gets about it: Downright creepy how he can corral the unsuspecting youth with his assumptive closing techniques.

A review about his contribution to the BBC “Visions of the Future” miniseries put it this way:

[Kaku posits] We are on the brink of an “historic transition from the the age of scientific discovery to the age of scientific mastery”. He suggests that having “created artificial intelligence”, “unravelled the molecule of life” and “unlocked the secrets of matter” , science of the future will be concerned with more than mere observation of nature. It will be concerned with its mastery.

Kaku’s job, like that of so many others, is to soften us up and prepare us to accept this technological takeover of mankind. Already they’re busy “mastering” nature with genetic tampering, geoengineering, and messing with electromagnetic weaponry. These programs are already in full swing, however cloaked.

We’re being prepared for their “unveiling”.

In other words, their “admission”. All sugar coated in plenty of interesting real truths and scientific discoveries, especially in quantum physics as science begins to merge with the metaphysical Truths that have been known to conscious humanity for eons.

It’s the direction they’re taking us you have to watch out for. Kaku is being used as the scientific white coat to help people swallow these pills and even happily enslave themselves to this Orwellian takeover.

Another Example – Alien Invasion Prep

Now here’s poor Michio Spokesperson preparing the way for an alien invasion. Mind you, he’s not just setting himself up, he’s being given every possible promotion by the mainstream media to do so.

Where else do you see that?

Whenever there’s an agenda that needs promoting. He’s not the obvious dolt type like Al Gore whose attempts at pseudo science are an obvious fraud. Kaku has much more credibility, at least in the field of science.

But again, be wary. What agenda are they promoting?

As smart as this guy is, he definitely knows who’s pulling his strings, and he doesn’t mind the benefits. Unfortunately, much of the scientific community is blackmailed into towing the party line or they’ll lose their research grants or places in the scientific hierarchy or University system.

Still, I have no respect for anyone who cows to that, for whatever reason. It’s because people won’t stand up that humanity is becoming a full-on slave race.


These NWO pushers are everywhere. And they love the cloak of their bastardized “science” to supposedly validate their programs. After all, isn’t eugenics a science? Didn’t supposed scientists and dentists and University PhDs in white lab coats recommend we fluoridate the water supply, and host of other insanities?

Then, as he just mentions, they ram the program and pre-programming even further down our throats using the Hollywood imagination factory.

And like fluoride, GMOs, chemtrails, high fructose corn syrup, aspartame, vaccines, MSG and host of other deadly and debilitating assaults on humanity, these are all brought to us in the name of advanced scientific breakthroughs.

So naturally transhumanism must be just as good for us too.

Lady Gaga sure looks happy.

Why not go her wonderful direction?

Transhumanism Rocks…NOT!

Hey, if Kaku and Gaga push this Caca, it must be good for the whole family!

And so the saga goes…the awake go one way, the asleep go another…..

Stay strong in the face of the onslaught of their insanity, people.

We’re in a crapstorm and you’ll need your umbrella.

Love,  Zen