Martial Law & Operation Vampire Killer 2000, Revisited: Police Against The N.W.O.

On March 16th, 2012 . . . an Executive Order was posted: Here declaring “Peacetime Martial Law”. The publisher of Before Its News, Chris Kitze posted the article below concerning Martial Law with a host of other BIN members following suit:


At the turning of the millennium, I was approached by members of the Michigan Militia who provided me with a then classified document written by Police Officer Jack McLamb and compiled with the assistance of: The American Citizens & Lawmen Assoc.; U.S. Law Enforcement Professionals Assoc; and Aid & Abet Police Newsletter, called: “Operation Vampire Killer 2000.”

Our fires were stoked by the fears of the Y2K bug; looming blackouts, financial collapse, population prison camps and the predicted declarations by the President of the United States of America inacting Martial Law if the power grid failed.  Law enforcement officers and military personal privy to the inside information of Martial Law were frightened enough to seek out civilian individuals and militia and try to band together with them in an “American Police Action Plan for Stopping World Government Rule”.

While 1999 was coming to an end, our home was stocked with medical supplies, canned food and 50% peroxide dripped distilled water by the barrels.  We also had weapons for self-defense and guard dogs.  My family was scared.  My family was also getting prepared for anything, just in case.

Then, before New Years Eve 2000, the N.S.A. attempted to entrap me and the members of my household into several crimes of which we refused to participate in.  One of the Michigan Militia probate members in my home was wanted for discharging a weapon in another State, and the N.S.A. could have arrested him at anytime.

But they choose to try to create a crime, provide and try to bribe us with the expensive equipment needed to enact that crime and then convince and entice me and my family to commit it, instead of simply arresting the wanted individual that they had already located at the residence.  It was a scary time in our lives.

The fears at the turning of the millennium were identical to the fears that are being popularized againNOW and scheduled for all of 2012.  Mainly, solar flare black-outs, super-tornados, mega-volcanos, HAARP enduced earthquakes, the financial collapse of the trust in the American dollar, FEMA prison camps and of course, Martial Law!

Therefore, since searching BIN for any mention of “Operation Vampire Killer 2000” turned up no results, I thought that it is my duty as the Gonzo Journalist of Before Its News to provide this information and the links above to make people more aware . . . just in case.

Its not a matter of “if” these things will happen, its only a matter of when?