Medical Marijuana Works for High Blood Pressure

Will medical marijuana lower my blood pressure? After injecting rat subjects with THC, researchers found that blood pressure decreased significantly straight after. The same results were achieved in a second study. It is easy enough to find out if it will work for you. Take a few puffs. Measure your pressure before and after 20 minutes and you will have your answer.

Works like a charm for me easily dropping my pressure by 20 sometimes even 25mm Hg for both readings. Medical marijuana is now legal in a majority of states so it is easier then ever to get. A small but growing number of states and cities have legalized recreational pot as well. Marijuana is the most commonly used illegal drug in the world that has pretty much gone legal in America as lawmakers finally come to their senses and get out of the insane war drug war against domestic populations.

Users can develop a tolerance to the initial effects over a period of a few days to weeks, and repeated use has been associated with lowered heart rate and blood pressure immediately following consumption. Anecdotally, many people report that cannabis helps them maintain healthy blood pressure levels, an effect supported by research studies.

A new recall is underway for popular blood pressure medications due to contamination in a possible impurity that might cause cancer. It’s the latest in a string of recalls, the third this month and one of two dozen recalls since last year.

Interestingly enough, it has been found that when first consuming cannabis, there is an increase in blood pressure and heart rate. Next time you smoke, be sure to put your hand against your chest and you’ll see this. But a quick tolerance is developed over the course of a couple of weeks. After repeat use, cannabis actually starts to lower both heart rate and blood pressure. It seems that cannabis can have a stressful introduction to the body. Yet, after the body’s systems become used to the chemical changes, cannabinoids can help to influence a series of functions in a very positive way.

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