Marijuana overdose hoax: First legal day in Colorado, weed didn’t kill 37 people

59b9f8b7c3575bcca1b367e2e2ec21bbArticles have started making their way around the Internet that marijuana overdoses killed 37 people on the first day it was legal in Colorado. The Daily Currant is one of the sites throwing that article around as of Jan. 2, 2014, but it has already been proven to be a complete and total hoax.

Thousands, and possibly millions, of people are believing the fake news story of the marijuana overdose, but many don’t realize that The Daily Currant is a satire website. It’s right up there with the likes of The Onion, and far too many times, people take its reports as truth.

As of midday on Jan. 2, 2014, the story had received more than 11,000 “LIKES” on Facebook. Many people sharing the story are appalled at the deaths that have been caused by Colorado legalizing marijuana for recreational use.

Through the first 36 hours of the new year, no-one has died from an overdose of marijuana.

The story from The Daily Currant even has false quotes from people, doctors, saying how chaotic the hospitals have been. There’s even a made-up company in the article, and it goes by the name of MolsonCoors. A spokesman for the fake alcohol company condemns marijuana legalization as most real alcohol companies do.

Here are just some of the Twitter responses to the “marijuana overdose” story that was thought to be real.

“I saw this coming a mile away. As you all know I do not follow MSM, and don’t necessarily believe THIS article…” said Angela Rossillo.

“So do we blame pot, or do we blame the users? Do you blame alcohol for alcohol related deaths including DUI, or…” said Bryan Tann.

“I have to reconsider my statement b4. #marijuana kills around 37 people in the 1st time legalization due to #overdoes,” said Riley Du.