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Moon Boulder’s 100 Million-Year-Old Roll

By Melanie Hick
Huffington Post UK

Could the moon hold more secrets than we previously thought?

Nasa has shared two amazing new photos of what appears to demonstrate strong gravity on the moon.

Two shots of a boulder, and the tracks it left behind on the lunar surface as it took a tumble through the dust around 100 million years ago.

The rock that rolled was found in the Schiller crater, which it tumbled down to its final resting place.

The boulder nine-metres in diameter, is about the length of a mini van, and, to the eye, left the kind of lurching trail you’d expect from a pebble dashed across sand.

Nasa spokesman James Ashley says: “The lonely journey of this large boulder is apparent from its track in a sloping regolith surface. A casual glance might suggest that it happened last week, or even that its rolling might resume at any moment.”

Because of the moon has less atmosphere than a Wetherspoons on a Tuesday morning, the surfaced if often pummelled by showers of asteroids, meteoroids and comets which leave marks across the surface.

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