Military Possibly Mobilizing for Martial Law?

By TheIlluminatedOne on ATS

My friend is in the military. He is not a high ranking official or even holding a top secret security clearance (hence the lack of details). We were using messaging because he lives on base a few states away, talking about this executive order that was signed, FEMA camps, and just martial law in general.

He said today they issued an operation called “Operation Iron Shield”. I asked him if he had any details on this particular operation and he said all he knows is the following:

1. the entire base is on lock-down
2. they are mobilizing troops to be mission ready in “essentially minutes”
3. they are threat con Charlie today(at the time of messaging)
4. they are going to threat con Delta at 8pm east coast time

I then asked if he knew the purpose of mobilization?
He said all he was told was that it was an operation that is suppose to “secure our nation”.

Now whether or not this is preparation for martial law is pure speculation on my part, just because it seems to hold similarities, he agreed on that as well. It could be a preparation for something else though, such as war or a major disaster?? Of course i asked him to keep me updated as well.