Maryland, are you ready for new gun laws?

If you are a gun owner who resides or could reside in Maryland, your rights are under attack like never before.  The Maryland General Assembly has put forth a series of egregious bills this session and we ask you to HELP US fight them! Not only do we need self-defenders, but also hunters, competitors, tinkerers, and recreational shooters, as the legislature has declared all of us public enemy number one! Below are the major points of the bills which are an attack on gun rights:

  • Ban on purchasing any firearm without first paying a fee and obtaining training for a license
  • Ban on obtaining any firearm without first waiting 7 days
  • Ban on purchasing more than one firearm a month
  • Ban of Colt HBAR AR-15 and similar rifles
  • Ban of any payment method other than credit cards for permit applications
  • Ban of handgun rentals
  • Ban on lending handguns or regulated firearms to anyone
  • Ban on anyone in your house having access to your guns
  • Ban on school programs using lead ammunition
  • Ban on the manufacture of any firearm by an individual
  • Ban on the possession, reception, or distribution of information on how to manufacture a firearm

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