TPTB are building a monster radio telescope to detect an alien invasion.. (False Flag)

A joint of 20 countries led by the USA, is building a monster radio telescope formed by 3,000 50-foot-wide dishes, with a 50 light-years range, for detect a hostile alien invasion, according to Allison Barrie, the baby-face poster girl of the Illuminati, for military defense public relations.The dishes will be assembled in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Pacific Ocean Islands. Get ready because a major false-flag is underway.


AUSTRALIA’s hopes to host the world’s biggest telescope array have found an unlikely source of optimism.
When it’s built, the Square Kilometre Array (SKA) will consist of several thousand radio telescopes arranged in either the Western Australia outback or the South African desert.

Australia and New Zealand have made a joint bid to secure the 62-year long, $2 billion project, which is being funded by a consortium of 20 countries.

Scientists hope SKA will shed new light on fundamental questions about the universe, including how it began, why it is expanding and whether it contains life beyond our planet.

REPRESENTATIVES from eight nations, including Australia, have begun talking tough about where to site the world’s largest telescope, the $1.8 billion Square Kilometre Array.

The options: Australia and New Zealand or a consortium of 10 African nations headed by South Africa. The SKA members, who met in Amsterdam this morning, had before them the recommendation from an independent siting group that had evaluated the two bids, along with a commentary from the SKA board, outlining its response to the recommendation that it received last month.

While a communique is expected within hours, it is unlikely to be a final decision.

“This is the start of the process in which the members, the investors, are involved in the whole business,” said CSIRO astronomer Brian Boyle, head of Australia’s bid group.

CSIRO astronomer Phil Diamond is sitting in for Dr Boyle this week, and deputy secretary Patricia Kelly is representing Science Minister Chris Evans.


i have an interest in this because australia is a bidder and likely winner..”the aliens are coming” meme is strong this year..we await their next move in the game..