My Thoughts on the New World Order

by David Garrett Jr.

About a decade ago, I saw everything as black and white. I hated Bush and supported the Democrats. Then, the 2004 election came. President George W. Bush had a narrow win over John Kerry. Kerry said that he would have the votes recounted and fight it. He gave up the next morning. Skull and Bones for life, I guess.

Then 2008 came. I read Barack Obama’s book, The Audacity of Hope, and I loved it. I supported Obama and even voted for him in the Democratic Primary instead of Hillary Clinton. Then the 2008, Bush bailout came — and Barack Obama voted for it. I asked myself, “how can he talk about all of this so passionately, and then go against what he said he believed in?”

By then my views and beliefs changed a little bit. I tried to vote on the candidates based on their views and ideas — not their party. I voted for a mix of Democrats, Republicans and Independents for the November 2008 elections. Reluctantly, I ended up voting Ralph Nader for president.

That same year, a friend turned me on to the film Zeitgeist. After that, I began watching Alex Jones’ films. It blew my mind. I wouldn’t just watch the film, I would pause and research what was being presented. It turned out that all of it was true. There was no longer any denying or ignoring what was happening.

Now, it’s no secret that politicians around the world have been talking about a new world order for decades, but I haven’t heard a good explanation of why or what what will happen from them. I purchased the fifth edition of the textbook, Understanding Politics years ago while I was in college. The book was written in 1999 and it has a whole section on “a new international order.” It seems like the authors are in support of it, but they describe conflicts that will arise as a result of it.

The book claimed that the United States is the only real superpower. It said that technological advancement can “weaken individual governments” hold over citizens.” They solved the problem with that one by using Trapwire and the FBI. And with Homeland Security recruiting citizens to spy for them.

“The information revolution even threatens to undermine traditional cultures and civilizations which do not share Western values,” they said. We all saw that happen recently with the murder of the U.S. Ambassador to Lybia on September 11, 2012. They say it was due to the YouTube trailer blaspheming the prophet Muhammad. Problem solved again — maybe not currently, but in the future. YouTube censored it in the Middle East.

The last section describes a future “clash of civilizations.” Not only between countries, but from within countries also. This is happening right now around the world. The first chapter of the book described Utopias — which is really what this new world order sets out to be. And the next chapter described Dystopias — which is what this new world order will become.

What they’re doing is building a complete system of control over us. They’re trying to create the perfect world, but they are hurting people in the process and attempting to quash dissent every chance they get. As for me? The only thing I can really do is speak out about it and hope that I don’t become the next Brandon Raub.


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