Secret Societies For Kids? Here are the main ones

I don’t suggest making you kid apply to these secret societies below for a bunch of reasons. But if your family is elite; you’ll be adding your kids to these secret societies to begin the journey into the mystery schools. Below are a few of these so called secret societies which allow kids/young adults into the brotherhood.

322 Skull & Bones. Are the Skulls and Bones as deadly as their title presumes? Possibly. Possibly not. It’s difficult to tell, seeing as how secretive they’ve always been and continue to be. Some have connected their background to Satanic origins, while others simply consider it a secret organization that simply sounds far more intimidating than it really is. Makes one wonder why both John Kerry and George W. Bush were quoted as saying the group is far too secret to even merely discuss.

The Organization of Triangles. Need more to explore in the world of secret societies? Look no further than the Organization of Triangles, another extension of the Masonic following. The leader of each Triangle is referred to as the “Beloved Queen.” If that doesn’t trigger reminders of the creepy queen bee plot of “The Wicker Man,” then you’ll need to freshen up on your horror film history.

Job’s Daughters. Are the Freemasons limited to only one group? No. If you’re between the ages of 10 and 20 and, believe in and worship a “Supreme Being,” then your acceptance is imminent. To be a true member, one must “take an oath to keep the secrets of Job’s Daughters.” Sounds easy enough — assuming the secrets aren’t too egregious.