Mysterious Vortex Reported To Street-fixing Website In Brighton, UK

s-BRIGHTON-VORTEX-largeEither someone in Brighton, U.K., has been watching too much Doctor Who or the city has a serious wormhole problem.

A concerned resident recently reported that a “wormhole or vortex” had opened up on Montreal Road — a “portal to other times, places and dimensions,” the Argus reported.

The local made the report to a website called “Fix My Street,” but provided little other information for this reason: “I would have investigated further but I was concerned my little dog would be sucked into it.”

Either the alleged dimensional portal is getting worse or people are having a lot of fun filing crank reports.

“I went past the other day and it seems to have got worse –- it is now emitting an unsettling yellow light and a large snake appears to be emerging from the wall,” an eyewitness said, according to the Metro.

City officials said they will not be investigating the complaint, TNT Magazine reported.