North Carolina boy, 3, who went missing, says he ‘hung out with a bear for 2 days’

A 3 year old North Carolina Autistic boy who had been missing since Tuesday (Jan 22, 2019) was found alive Thursday (Jan 24, 2019) night, the Craven County sheriff said. Casey Lynn Hathaway, disappeared on that Tuesday from his grandmother’s backyard while playing with other children.

The FBI, state investigators and the U.S. Marine Corps from nearby bases at Camp Lejeune and Cherry Point joined the effort to find the boy. Hundreds of professional searchers and volunteers searched for the boy, checking ponds on a nearby property and using drones to scan nearby land. The terrain was described as treacherous, with flooded areas and sinkholes, and “even the trained searchers are having trouble navigating safely,” the sheriff’s office said earlier Thursday.

On Thursday, Hathaway was found. He was located in brush in a wooded area about a quarter-mile away from where he went missing by professional search and rescue teams, the FBI said. Craven County Sheriff Chip Hughes said he doesn’t believe the boy was in the area where he was found the entire time he was missing and likely moved around.

On Friday, the boy’s aunt posted an update on the boy on Facebook.
“Casey is healthy, smiling and talking,” Breanna Hathaway wrote. “He said he hung out with a bear for two days God sent him a friend to keep him safe. God is good God. Miracles do happen.”


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This above story is typical story of the book series Missing 411 written by David Paulides a former police detective. This fits pretty much every criteria of his cases. Including the child disappearing right from the backyard even with other people in the general area. And then he was found in an area that was previously searched. What are the chances of this happening? Well it happens in 99% of these ‘Missing 411’ cases! Update: After I was about to publish this article, I came across that this boy was also Autistic which just so happens to be another major factor in children disappearances for some reason. (Just had to add that, it’s important)

The new and different piece of evidence is the boy claiming to stayed with a ‘bear’ for two days in the woods. I don’t doubt that’s it’s possible; I just feel it came across as an ‘creature’ from the boys accounts of what happened. You know how the media like to coverup and draw attention to and from subjects. Its unclear if this was some type of possible hybrid, big-foot or other creature but sure adds to the mystery of whats in the woods and where do these missing people go?